Mudgee & Forbes Greyhound Track Registrations Renewals Approved, Moree Still Shutout

() has advised the Mudgee & District Greyhound Racing Club and the Forbes & District Greyhound Racing Club that their registration has been renewed for 2012,
effective immediately.

The Board of GRNSW did not renew Mudgee’s registration in December after it determined that the club had not met the requirements of the Operating Standards, which is a condition for every NSW greyhound club. At the same time, the Board deferred consideration of Forbes’ registration, due to that club missing the deadline for submission of the Operating Standards.

However, at a meeting on Tuesday 31 January the Board renewed both clubs’ registration for 2012 after receiving documentation showing they satisfactorily met all of the 16 Operating Standards.

The decision will allow both clubs to re-commence trialling immediately. Races will recommence at Forbes on Sunday 12 February and at Mudgee on Sunday 26 February.

Greyhound Chairman Professor AM said it was imperative that all clubs in NSW met the Operating Standards currently in place.

“The GRNSW Board regard the Operating Standards as a vital component of race club because they ensure adequate levels of service, efficiency, solvency, safety and
accountability,” Professor Allan said.

“At the beginning of 2011, the Board reviewed and streamlined these standards and the respons from almost all NSW greyhound clubs has been excellent in regard to their documentation and

Greyhound Racing Club remains unregistered for 2012.

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