Only One New Face On “New” GRNSW Board

have just announced that so far, their new board will only have one new face around the table with Bill Mangafas, and Joyce Alamango all re-appointed to the Board of Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW).

The only first time board appointment so far is Mr Tom Green who will take his seat when the current Board's term of office ends on 9 February 2009.

There is the possibility of another new face at the table once a fresh ballot occurs amongst TAB sector clubs to determine the nominee of TAB Clubs to the Board of GRNSW.

Mr. Nicol gets his seat on the GRNSW Board courtesy of the NSW Coursing Association's (NCA) right to have one member sit on the board, however given the NCA took the decision tom walk away from metropolitan racing, leaving it solely to the GBOTA; the ongoing right of the NCA to have a member on the board does need to be urgently looked at. Nevertheless, Mr Nicol was first appointed to the Board of GRNSW in May 2008 as nominee of the . Mr. Nicol is currently the President of the NSW National Coursing Association. His thirty years experience in nearly all facets of the Gaming and Industry commenced with the NSW TAB in 1969. He also formerly held senior positions with AWA Totalisators, Club KENO, Stargames and Shuffle Master Inc USA and consulting positions to NSW Racing, and Australia.

Mr. Green was selected through a balloting process as the nominee of Country Clubs and is a first time appointment to the Board of GRNSW. Mr. Green founded the Greyhound Social Club Limited in 1963 and held the position of Chief Executive Officer of that Club for a period of 35 years. Upon his retirement from that role Mr. Green was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Club and has held the position of President since that time. A first time appointee to the Board of GRNSW, Mr. Green was a member of the Greyhound Racing Control Board between 1987 and 1992 serving three of those years as Deputy Chairman. During his term on the Greyhound Racing Control Board, Mr. Green was the greyhound racing appointee on the Board of the NSW Totalisator. In 2000 Mr. Green was awarded the Australian Sports Medal by the Commonwealth for services to the sport of greyhound racing. In 2002 he was appointed to the position of Assessor for greyhound racing on the Greyhound .

Mrs. Alamango has been selected as the Industry Participant Representative to the Board through an interview process undertaken by an Independent Selection Committee chaired by Judge McGuire. Mrs Alamango was first appointed in February 2008 to the Board of GRNSW as the representative of industry participants. Mrs Alamango has been an active owner and trainer in greyhound racing for over 30 years. Mrs Alamango was a member of the Greyhound Racing Authority Board between 2001 and 2003 before the current structure and board was put in place. She has also been the Trainers representative on the Greyhound Racing Industry Participants Advisory Committee (GRIPAC) and is currently the Secretary of the Registered Greyhound Participants Association (). Apart from the greyhound industry, Mrs Alamango also runs her own small business.

The new Board will meet in early February with its first task being to select an independent chairman.

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