Paua To Excite Disqualified From Six Races


GAR 71:Where a greyhound fails to perform to the satisfaction of the Stewards, or has been determined, by the officiating veterinary or other authorised person, to have cramped during the running of an Event, the Stewards may:
(1) order that it complete a satisfactory trial before being eligible to compete further or be nominated for any Event; and/or
(2) order that it be subject to the production of a veterinary certificate certifying that it is not suffering from an injury or condition before being eligible to compete further in or be nominated for any Event.

LRR 38(1)(e): If a greyhound is ordered to undergo a Satisfactory Trial on a circle track, and successfully completes that Satisfactory Trial on a straight track, it will be cleared for straight track racing only.


Stewards today conducted an into the circumstances pertaining to the eligibility of the greyhound ‘Paua To Excite’ to compete in events between 2 March 2014 and 8 July 2014.

It was established during the Inquiry that ‘Paua To Excite’ was ordered to perform a satisfactory trial on 2 February 2014 at the Greyhound Racing Club meeting under GAR 71 (unsatisfactory performance). On 2 March 2014 ‘Paua To Excite’ completed a satisfactory trial at the Healesville Greyhound Racing Club (straight track) and pursuant to LRR 38(1)(e) was cleared for straight track racing only.

Stewards heard evidence from Trainer – Mr. Graeme James and Part Owner Mrs. Cassandra James, Mr. and Mrs James provided evidence that ‘Paua To Excite was nominated on at least 8 separate occasions via the Fastrack nomination process and on all occasions the nominations were accepted, and in fact competed in the events listed below:-

23/04/2014 Cranbourne
07/05/2014 Cranbourne
06/06/2014 Bendigo
18/06/2014 Ballarat

After hearing the evidence, Stewards deemed that ‘Paua To Excite was ineligible to compete in the events listed above pursuant to GAR 64 (1) and directed that the greyhound be disqualified from those events and the placings amended accordingly.

23/04/2014 Cranbourne

1st Lamb Shank
2nd Dewana Hitman
3rd Midnight Reign
4th Feen Dish
5th Ima Banana
6th Miss Geeves
7th Tails’ Earner
Disqualified Paua To Excite (6th)

07/05/2014 Cranbourne

1st Spirit Of Faith
2nd Bassyappa
3rd Spin The Top
4th In A Daze
5th One Cog
6th Weekend Gangster
7th Bran Nue Koonora
Disqualified Paua To Excite (8th)

17/05/2014 Warragul

1st Octagon Girl
2nd Boom Boom Shiraz
3rd Miss Delight
4th Hot And Lonesome
5th Cool Ahmar
6th Venetion Sky
7th Another Peanut
Disqualified Paua To Excite (1st)

26/05/2014 Shepparton

1st Bold Faith
2nd Lyrical Allen
3rd Watto Surprise
4th Oh Kay Reg
5th Billie’s Revenge
6th Filo’s Danger
7th Miss Connochie
Disqualified Paua To Excite (1st)

06/06/2014 Bendigo

1st Woleebee Lad
2nd Lead Into Demise
3rd Hudson Monza
4th Tiger Toy
5th White Walker
6th Capacity
7th Stylish Autumn
Disqualified Paua To Exite (1st)

18/06/2014 Ballarat

1st Deadly Boy
2nd Select Macka
3rd Tayler’s Special
4th Dyna Olsen
5th Pedro’s Runway
6th Cousin Paul
7th Callum’s Wish
Disqualified Paua To Excite (1st)

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