Greyhounds Queensland Slashes Non Tab Nom Feess

Effective 1st January 2009, Greyhounds Queensland has announced that nomination fees at Non-Tab Country Clubs will be reduced by half.

A number of years ago the then Queensland Greyhound Racing Authority, and representatives of Non-Tab country clubs agreed on a standard nomination fee of $11.00 (GST incl).

The fee paid directly to the individual clubs by trainers was utilised for prizemoney and administration expenses.

The Directors of (GQL) resolved to reduce the fee to $5.50 (GST incl) from 1 January 2009.

To ensure the clubs were not worse off financially by the reduction, GQL will cover the difference, which will be paid on a monthly basis in line with current funding arrangements.

A review of the reduced nomination fee will be undertaken in June.

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