Sandown Cup Betting Preview & Tips – Miata’s Swansong

As the curtain draws to a close on the Mighty ’s career, there’s no doubt who the crowd will be cheering for on Thursday night. The Fawn chaser has done what no dog I’ve seen do, and that’s bring hundreds and thousands to the tracks. The Mighty Bitch from W.A, has been an outstanding ambassador for Greyhound Racing emulating what the super mare Black Caviar has done in .

Although she struggled to get home in the heats Thursday night, she did what all champions do, and that’s find a way to win. In Thursday night’s final shes drawn box 3 and this will no doubt be a great asset to her. Paul Stuart has made the public aware she’s had a rushed preparation for this; but she’s no doubt going to strip much fitter on Thursday night than last week.

Of course there’s 7 other runners who will be chasing their heart out and doing the best to upset the fairytale ending.

2013 Sandown Cup Final Betting

Box 1- Bell Haven, 42.07 $189,475
Talented Apple Isle Chaser who has race and beaten the best since coming across from . She’s well suited by box 1, and went terrific last week chasing home Proven Impala. Box 1 is a huge advantage and she will pose a huge threat with a good Jump.

Box 2- Maddison Dee, 42.69, $29,215
Believe it or not this girl has recently whelped a litter! Since coming back to and having a litter this girl has been a huge surprise packet. She’s been racing extremely well and winning in the city and here she is now engaged in a 1 final. It’s a terrific effort and with luck in running she can’t be ruled out.

Box 3- Miata, 41.17 $698,008
There’s not much left that can be said about the modern day champion. With a astonishing 41.17 track record, none of these can remotely get close to that. But she’s not in that form now and struggled to get home last week. Well boxed and a superstar; and she could destroy these with her best effort.

Box 4- , 42.04 $369,325
Triple Winner Destini Fireball has the talent the speed and strength to win this, but is he going as well as he was? Maybe not, I think he’s about a notch or two of his best. But he too got the job done last week and will be in this for a long, long way.

Box 5- Irma Bale, 41.79 $426,366
How can we not be of praise for this well traveled bitch. Last week she placed in the QLD Big Dog Cup, and here she is easily winning a heat of the Cup. Last year’s defending champion is going to take a power of beating. She should bounce straight to the front and reel off great sectionals. The question is – can she keep going?

Box 6- Steve Allen, 42.28 $37,790
I gave you guys the heads up on this fellow a few weeks ago and he’s certainly delivered. Winning a couple over the staying trip, and now making the Sandown Cup Final. He flew home from the rear last week and was really unwinding in the final 100m. It’s going to be extremely tough to give this bunch a start and a beating.

Box 7- Proven Impala, 42.06 $241,740
The speedy and consistent Proven Impala could be the knock out chance here in this. She’s going to have to clear the inside runners and lead clearly, but if she can do that and manages to open up a big break she may hold on. If you choose to back this girl, you’re betting she crosses the inside dogs early.

Box 8- Reckless Charm 42.19 $14,545
This little girl raced out of her skin last start. She’s drawn the opposite end of the boxes tonight, and is going to have her work cut out for her here in this. Although she posted a great time, behind Destini Fireball, I doubt wether she can threaten these here tonight. $100-1 but looks a handy type.

Pumped Up Zarr
Gold Affair Two

Thursday night’s race will spell the end for Miata and bring to a close the fairytale story of a little fawn bitch who no one wanted. The story of one who rose to great heights and achieved the title of ’s highest ever stakes winning greyhound.

Many a great dog has come and gone, but legends live forever.
Some may say a legend is defined by what they achieve.
I say they’re all legends no matter what their achievements.

R.I.P Archie – My Great Mate.

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