Seven Nominations Received For Sandown Shootout But Only Two Places Up For Grabs

Mick Floyd has kindly advised that the Greyhound Racing Club today received seven nominations for their 2011 Shootout.

The 3 will be contested by just four of the seven greyhounds on 3rd November 2011.

This year the Sandown Shoot out winner will take home $40,000; and in keeping with the winner take all format of previous years the losers leave empty handed.

The nominations received, in alphabetical order, are:

After his commanding performance in the 2011 Topgun last Saturday night, Allen Harper is a moral to be included in the four dog field.

Equally runner up Radley Bale, will be the obvious second greyhound in to the field, as much for recognition of his previous performances, as for his very good Topgun placing.

That will leave five greyhounds vying for the remaining , and it is telling that all of the recent Sandown track record breakers, Bekim Bale, Cape Hawke and Heston Bale; are in the mix.

The odd runners out are Prince Diablo and He Knows Uno, who could both be highly advantaged by a smaller field.

Although history has demonstrated time and time again that this race is won by greyhounds up on the pace, not the hard finishers that logic would say should be advantaged in a smaller field.

No doubt the final two spots will be a demonstration of just how much weighting the Sandown Club gives to its own track record, after having it broken three times in ten days.

The final field for the $40,000 winner-takes-all feature will be announced tonight.

The boxdraw will be conducted on course on Thursday 27 October 2011.

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