Andrea Dailly Fined $400 For Non Appearance

Failure to present greyhound Lektra Cooked for engagement at the Geelong Racing Club.

Stewards on the 10 of October 2014 conducted an Inquiry into the circumstances pertaining to the Late Scratching of the greyhound Lektra Cooked from the Geelong Greyhound Racing Club meeting conducted on 5 September 2014.

After hearing the evidence, Stewards charged Ms Dailly in breach of GAR86 (o) in that she acted negligently by failing to present Lektra Cooked to the Geelong Racing Club on September 5 to race, resulting in that greyhound being a late scratching.



Ms Dailly pleaded guilty to the charge.

Stewards found Ms Dailly guilty as charged and fined her $400.00.

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