Michael Hooper Receives $250 Suspended Fine

Greyhound conducted a hearing on , 8 August 2014 into a charge against trainer Michael under GAR 86 (f) (iii) of having published comments in a Facebook posting on Monday, 7 July 2014, which was deemed by stewards to be improper.

Submissions were taken by Mr Hooper, who pleaded guilty to the charge and was subsequently fined $250, with the penalty wholly suspended for six months on the provision that Mr Hooper has no further breaches under the same rule within that period.

In considering penalty, stewards took into account Mr Hooper’s guilty plea, his honest and forthright presentation at the hearing, his demonstrated contrition and subsequent removal of the post. Stewards also took into account Mr Hooper’s previous record in relation to conduct matters across 21 years of licensing, his industry involvement and several industry references.

Stewards also considered the impact that such matters may have upon the image of the greyhound racing industry and the need to establish a general deterrent of low tolerance of such behaviour, which potentially could adversely impact the industry.

Mr Hooper was advised of his rights of appeal.

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