Stop Press! Vital 2011 Hobart Thousand Betting First Sectional Times Information

Those keen punters wanting to bet on the tonight may be hard put to locate sectional times for the heat winners.

The local formguide never shows sectionals at all while the heat results (published via the system) offer the times but not the name of the dog responsible.

Nor do they show running numbers so you cannot work it out for yourself.

No guarantees, but my best guesses are …

Thousand First

  • Bergemeister: 5.09
  • : 5.07
  • Clydes Angel: 5.19
  • Galtee Again: Unknown
  • Sandbanker: Unknown
  • Dyna Bert: Unknown but possibly 5.14
  • : 5.04
  • David Bal:e Unknown

For the 21st century such a performance for a 1 event may be described as bush week. But see earlier article “Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave”.

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