GRV Announce Travel Subsidy Increase

GRVLast night at the Warrnambool Classic Carnival, the Chairman of Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV), Mrs. Jan Wilson announced the receipt of tenders for the Warrnambool Track redevelopment. Planned between June and October this year, the re-designed track at Warrnambool will include a new 390 metre start thus improving on the short run to the first turn from the current 332 metre start.

In addition Mrs. Wilson announced a 25% increase in the travel subsidy from $40 to $50, effective from 1 June 2008.

As such GRV will provide participants with an additional $0.5 Million to June 2009, to help address escalating fuel costs. The new $50 travel fee (which is combined with the $10 starter’s fee per greyhound) will ensure that all trainers receive a minimum of $60, irrespective of the meeting they attend throughout Victoria.

“GRV is acutely aware of the cost of travel for industry participants. Nearly four years ago, after much consultation with the industry, a $25 travel fee was introduced. That travel fee has now grown by 100% to become $50 in 2008. As such, it provides very important support for participants who are willing to travel throughout Victoria in providing the racing product”, Mrs. Wilson said.

“On top of this, GRV will over the next months review the stake money levels that are to apply from August 2008. During 2007/08 GRV is again outperforming the other Codes in regards to wagering growth. However in determining stakes increases, my Board is cognisant of impacts that the current economic conditions may have on wagering in the near future”, Mrs. Wilson said.

Mrs. Wilson also emphasised that GRV will continue to inject profits back into the tracks & facilities fund to ensure that commitments to other track restructures can be met. “These commitments include finalisation of all kennel redevelopments and longer term plans to ensure that all tracks provide the best possible conditions for safe racing. On top of this GRV is working closely with the Metropolitan Clubs to ensure their facilities are competitive with other similar entertainment options”.

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