Shock Result In The 2014 Westchase Final

You For Real has taken out the 2014 Westchase final at just her fifth career start, paying an incredible $52.30 to win the feature. Trainer Ben Abercrombie produced a quinella at in the 530 metre feature event with litter-brother Full Of Beans finishing second.

Favouritism for the $13,500 to-the-winner final was firmly held by ’s paying $1.60 for the win from box six. As the flew open for the WA bred race Star was unable to get to the front of the field after You For Real crossed straight to the rails out of box seven. Litter-brother Full Of Beans (box five) sat in second position after jumping well. You For Real was able to extend her lead to four lengths as she crossed the finish line.

“When she was in front I was kind of confident, when I saw Full Of Beans behind her I knew he couldn’t run her down. I was just hoping that he would battle on and hold off Vic Gundi (Box nine, jumped from box four).” Trainer Ben Abercrombie explained.

Linda Britton’s (box four) was scratched from the Westchase event allowing the Christine Bennett trained Vic Gundi a chance in the feature event.

“I thought Full Of Beans was my best chance, he had the most experience out of the three – he probably wasn’t the fastest but he was one that could lead. The other two are so inexperienced; ability wise they are across the board and needed a bit of luck because of what Star Recall has done so far.”

Abercrombie three chasers into the Westchase final, all from the same litter. The – Miss Marly litter produced nine puppies, four dogs and five bitches, all black with the exception of a light brindle bitch (Diamond Boots). Born April 2012, six have made it to the racetrack with three more waiting to make their debut.

“I gave her (You For Real) a little bit of a chance because she is quick early and she likes to get across to the rail. Realistically I didn’t give her much chance but I wasn’t overly surprised, it wasn’t just a fluke.”

Coming into the race, Abercrombie believed his biggest threat was Star Recall, because of her experience in feature events.

“There are a lot of dogs that need to find the front, it’s lucky that we had box seven and were able to cut her (Star Recall) off at the start. She was always doing work and got shuffled around a bit and that favoured us.”

“The next ten times she races against us she could ping to the front and run 30.30 like she did last week, she is a great dog.”

You For Real and litter-sister Oopsy (box two) had the least experience heading into the final, both participating in their fifth career starts. The duo were up against WA bred chasers like Fun Princess (box one), Ambitious Gem (box three) and Star Recall (box six) who have had over 90 starts worth of experience between them.

“I was a little bit worried about putting them in the series, more so Oopsy because she is nimble and very quick on her feet. I was concerned Oopsy would get knocked around if there was pressure on and because of her inexperience she wouldn’t know what to do.”

“I wasn’t like that as much with You For Real. Ability wise there are dogs that are a lot faster, but she is tough and will bash them around if she gets the chance.”

The 29 kilo You For Real, known as Marly around the kennels, was less then impressive during the breaking in process. She even had Abercrombie and owner breeder Helen Sayer questioning whether or not she would make it to the track.

“With the breaking in report you would never thought she would win a feature race. Early days her breaking in times where a long way off the others. She may have been carrying an injury or something wasn’t quite right.”

Before You For Real’s five career starts for two wins and two placing’s she broke both her fibulas, a common juvenile injury. Her time off was spent at Sayers property where she was kennelled with her mother Miss Marly as well as older sister Countess Of Cork.

“Normally the quick ones are the ones that are doing the injuries like that.”

“At the moment she is showing speed and has ability, but once she has another six or seven runs and builds the muscles up she will get stronger and stronger, lowering her times.”

You For Real produced a personal best of 30.81 in her Westchase victory, lowing her previous time of 30.97.

Oopsy, Full Of Beans and You For Real have done their mother proud. After each feature win Miss Marly receives a new toy to add to her collection from Sayer. The newest edition to her toy box will have to be an extra special one since she was able to produce three of the eight greyhounds in the race.

“Helen gets a massive buzz out of it! It might be the start of something with Helen, I think she is going to be standing up a lot on the for the West bred races in the future.”

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