What do we know about the NSW greyhound industry reform?

TWO months have been and gone since Premier Mike Baird’s famous backflip on the New South Wales greyhound industry.

That’s two months since a grassroots campaign made up of owners, trainers and thousands of people both passionately and financially linked to the sport were able to overturn the unpopular decision that was made without any warning to those it would effect the most.

This was an issue handled so poorly and disrespectfully by the government that the Nationals lost the seat of Orange to the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party — a seat they had not come close to losing since 1947.

The people had their say.

But will it ultimately be heard?

After publicly-reversing the decision to ban greyhound racing, Baird and Deputy Premier Troy Grant also announced the establishment of the NSW Greyhound Industry Reform Panel.

Run by former Premier Morris Iemma, the panel was tasked with making recommendations to the government on how to reform the sport in regards to welfare, integrity and regulatory structure.

The clock is now ticking for the panel.

The bill put in place to shut down the industry still sits dormant and ready to take effect in July of 2017.

When asked why he would not immediately repeal the law that banned greyhound racing once he publicly changed the government’s decision, Baird said on 2HD Radio this week that the bill would be repealed when a new structure was agreed upon.

“Morris Iemma, who is chairman of the panel, he is working with industry and animal welfare groups and putting in place the regulations, appropriate powers, appropriate endorsements and then we will bring the legislation to enable racing to continue,” Baird said.

“So we have made that commitment and we will honour that commitment. We’re making sure we get legislation right.”

“I want to commend the industry – they have been very constructive in the work they’ve done with Iemma and the panel and we’re hopeful they succeed.”

Baird outlined the direct link with the panel and the industry’s future when pushed on why he wouldn’t immediately overturn the ban.

“Because we have to get new structure in place – they (the panel’s recommendations and repealing legislation) go together.”

It’s a sentiment that gives greyhound people every right to be very nervous about their future.

The same people – the owners, trainers and thousands employed by the industry – that almost had their livelihoods taken away, now must wait and hope the panel delivers on a healthy, sustainable future.

Despite the backflip in policy, the Government holds all the cards at the table, dealing with an industry that can’t risk inciting another change of heart or public backlash.

What do we know so far about what the all-important panel has done?

To get answers Australian Racing Greyhound chased down the members of the NSW Greyhound Industry Reform Panel.

The panel is made up of:

  • Morris Iemma (Chair, former NSW premier)
  • Simon Draper (Deputy Chair) – Department Premier/Cabinet
  • Steve Coleman – RSPCA
  • Christine Middlemiss – Department of Primary Industry
  • Brenton Scott – Greyhound Breeders, Owners and Trainers Association

While Draper, Middlemiss and Coleman failed to respond individually to almost a week worth of comment requests, Brenton Scott gave an update on some of the panel’s work and findings thus far.

“Clearly the Reform Panel has been charged with providing advice to the Government on the most appropriate governance structure, animal welfare standards supported by an appropriate funding model going forward,” Scott said.

With timing clearly an issue factoring in the process of industry consultation and passing a new bill, Scott said the panel’s findings should be released in early 2017.

“The reform panel to date has reached broad agreements across reasonably wide territory and is now in the process of report-writing with a view to that being completed to draft stage by the end January,” he said.

Will that leave enough time for appropriate feedback from the industry?

“There will have to be opportunities throughout the course of January to get stakeholder insight,” Scott explained.

While Scott was honourable in attempting to give feedback that the industry is desperate for, the details were light when it came to who the panel had been consulting with.

“I am not sure I am in a position to answer that specifically, but clearly the panel has called upon experts across the territory that they are assessing including the greyhound industry and a number of experts have presented information to the committee.”

On breeding caps, as expected, the industry can expect a new model.

“The industry has to accept that the government has given the NSW greyhound industry the opportunity to continue its reform journey.

“At the centre of that reform journey is an ethical and sustainable product supply system,” Scott said.

“That means breeding in line with our racing requirements and our capacity to provide total lifecycle management to the vast majority of the greyhounds we breed.

“Given this, it is within the interests of everybody within the industry to plan and control our breeding levels.

“This needs to be undertaken in a sophisticated manner which in my view includes cross border considerations such as the migration of greyhounds that occurs from the point of breeding to end of racing career state to state.

And what do we know about the experts and advisors the panel are speaking to? Unfortunately it seems that for reasons unknown to us, it’s a secret.

“I am not sure I am in a position to answer that specifically, but clearly the panel has called upon experts across the territory that they are assessing including the greyhound industry and a number of experts have presented information to the committee,” Scott said.

“That has included people such as the GRV Chairman and CEO, but the detail of that would need to be put to Morris (Iemma).”

The fact that no one from the panel is willing to divulge these details, in addition to not responding to requests for comment all-together is a concern. The history and agendas of those having their voices heard is vital.

The biggest feedback coming from Scott was the potential separation of the functions of racing and commercial practices.

“If we are to look at the racing codes across Australia, there has been a clear determination in recent years that the regulatory functions and the commercial functions do not necessarily co-exist well in terms of racing industry management,” he said.

“It follows that if NSW is to set itself the challenge of adopting best-practice governance, then our future governance framework must see the regulation and integrity oversight aspects of our industry separated from the commercial functions.”

It’s still hard to gauge how drastic the changes will be for the industry, especially given the RSPCA’s position on the Reform Panel. RSPCA CEO Steve Coleman has previously spoken out in support of the controversial ban, something which has participants particularly worried.

“This day will go down… as one of the biggest improvements in animal welfare in this state,” Coleman said, on the day the ban was originally announced.

“We can only hope that other jurisdictions look upon this decision very, very seriously.

“It’s monumental, and I can only hope that this reverberates around the country.”

Hardly a good sign when you’d hope every panel member would be impartial and working actively to create a strong industry for everyone involved.

In addition to Scott, a panel spokesperson responded to Australian Racing Greyhound‘s questions with the following statement:

“The NSW Government is committed to genuine reform in the greyhound industry, and therefore is allowing the Greyhound Industry Reform Panel the time it needs to complete its work,” the statement said.

“The Panel is considering advice from a number of industry experts, and the RSPCA and Greyhound Breeders Owners and Trainers Association have members on the Panel.”

“The Panel is also considering a number of reports, including the recommendations of the Report of the Special Commission of Inquiry, as well as the industry reform guarantees put forward by the Greyhound Racing Industry Alliance.”

For those playing at home, the Report of the Special Commission of Inquiry, peppered with controversial statistics, was what was used to justify the greyhound ban in the first place.

“The Panel is consulting with some stakeholders and relevant experts directly as part of its work.”

So, while a rough timeline is in place with the panel delivering its report in late January, much of the details important to the industry — breeding caps, funding, welfare, regulations surrounding owning and training and more — will all be a mystery until that date.

A mystery is not what you need when your career and livelihood is at stake.

When the Greyhound Industry Reform Panel delivers its report, time will be of the essence.

We hope the people put in charge of reform, unlike prior management structures, consult and allow the people on the ground floor to have a say on their own futures. The pressure feels immense on the people, some of who have had their name and sport dragged through the mud, to accept all amendments and changes or face oblivion.

We also hope they are given a voice and time to provide feedback before the changes are implemented.

Australian Racing Greyhound will continue to update the industry as this story develops.

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Past Discussion

  1. this is a normal procedure for consultation of groups.to be fair to the PANEL,this would definitely need time to complete.and with such a decision to be based on what comes from this report,we have to accept that some secrecy of consult has to  been undertaken,and ,if information was leaked that could be wrong or detrimental,the whole basis for such a report would collapse and create more panic than already exists.

    if MAURICE IEMMA is honest and fair in his control of the PANEL,then one would/could imagine much national input would be included,possibly from every state and every organmisation that could possibly be involved.the one big hassle we have as an industry,is a NON-NATIONAL rules control,where as each state virtually runs by its LOCAL RULES despite the useless GREYHOUNDS AUSTRALIA supposedly being controller of all. rid the industry of this useless department,set NATION standards where licences , for example,are accepted on a NATIONAL BASIS. Same as for breeding,naming,studs etc; etc;,and EACH STATE converses with each other and linked by same DATA BASE controls. not hard to do in this day and age,so why has it not been properly structured?

    reading DOMINICS report,the much touted GRV’s position would and should be noted and received as a success,and each other state would also contribute in dealings and handlings for why they also have been successful. NSW has to adopt this procedure and accept the changes that are inevitable. Losing tracks,in my eyes,is a must. CENTERS OF EXCELLENCE are a must,but FUNDING must also be shared by NSW GOVERNMENT,and that the industry receives its fair share of distribution. no HORSING around here,as the DOG INDUSTRY sits much more stronger in this department than HARNESS RACING for sure(fact)and if one code is under the DOOM HAMMER, it is HARNESS RACING. never should be the DOG INDUSTRY.

    so the way I see things,despite info shortcomings,is be patient,the PANEL are doing the homework,and we will be informed in time,of the outcome. then we react. depends on which way the reaction heads ,will depend in what comes out of the PANEL REPORT, and not everyone will be satisfied,but that is what happens when one needs to REFORM and gather back its so called SOCIAL LICENCE.

    and if the PANEL is honest,and we accept the umpires decisions,then the removal of ANIMAL ACTIVISTS demanding changes and continual challenges ILLEGALLY, must be thwarted and strangled down.these groups have an agenda,and that is fine,but majority have no morals and have an agenda designed just to rid a sport,and have no real intent on welfare and how welfare monies are distributed to the organisation that desperately needs that FUNDING…..ANIMAL pockets first,AA at the end of the chain.and the ones that crow loudest,are the ones whose pockets will be affected. many make wonderful livings on donations.this has to stop,and if BARNABY JOYCE follows through on his report,this WILL HAPPEN.

  2. McHugh’s special commission of inquiry actively solicited submissions,and generously accepted negative submissions from activists. Now the attorney general is refusing to release those submissions to the alliance legal team in the current supreme Court action.Looks like the reform panel has been gagged from above.Yet again, no transparency from the Baird government. Will Baird ever learn?If you don’t take the people along for the ride you will suffer the consequences. AGAIN 

  3. Looks like another stitch up for the poor old dog people. While country gallops race for k the poor old doggies are lucky to get . It is time for a massive revolt and only the participants can do that.

    Stop leaving the heavy lifting to someone else. Denounce the stupid rules being introduced that potentially harm the welfare of the dog not enhance eg. Water buckets in Raceday kennels.

    Where is GRNSW mandate to introduce such rules?

    No CEO, no board. Who is making these stupid decisions with no consultation with the subject matter experts, the trainers? Stand up for yourselves. Stand as one. Stand united for a better industry for the dogs and the participants.

    Common sense changes, yes. Change to appease minority groups, NO.

  4. Trevor H  the things we learn along this ridiculous journey. surely a court judge can subpoena such papers to be produced if it gives the right information.all info should be accessible,and withholding such info,even by the GOVERNMENT,is creating distrust in the legal system.this will indicate to one and all,if that judge doed not push for the release of ALL information,then this is a kangaroo court and not being properly convened.

    is the AG and BAIRD at loggerheads of issues and BAIRD wants her removed?

    maybe BAIRD is not the problem,and the AG has some answers to explain.

    it just goes,and I ask,what the hell is the ALLIANCE S legal team doing about all this? what are they paying the wig for? to do his homework and get the proper papers into the courts.

    ridiculous bitching going on.

  5. http://www.theage.com.au/act-news/act-opposition-urges-labor-greens-to-back-away-from-moves-to-defund-greyhound-racing-20161213-gt9wle.html

    so,when one reads stories like this,and notes which PARTY is the mouthpiece,one really is confused in what the left and right hands are doing to each other.

    LABOR PARTY guy wants it banned…………yet LUKE FOLEY fights like a caged LION to keep it surviving. crikey,politicians have this holier than thou about themselves,and no wonder the people want decisions taken to a vote,not decided by corrupt pollies who really have PERSONAL INTERESTS in decisions.

    said it once or twice before. when one becomes a pollie,you start counting all the deceptions you can for capital gains…..to yourself.poiltics is corrupted,and it needs overhauling seriously.

    just maybe,the topic of having just one FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and no STATE governments has merit?

    does CANBERRA dog people have other options if they are removed from CANBERRA?QUEENBEYAN for example?

  6. and if you think I am off-track,get this as a comparison. away from dog industry just for a moment.

    take DANIEL ANDREWS(VICTORIAN PREMIER) as a perfect example(even sounds like BAIRD in voice by the way)of how poliies will change rules to suit themselves.

    EUTHENASIA has been a hot topic for many years. the GOVERNMENTS of the day,and the superior medical organisations,have always been anti about bringing in a legislation to allow it.this has gone on as I said for decades,and the governments refused to budge.

    UNTIL ANDREWS had a situation within his own family,that turned out very painful for him and his family,and decided to change the laws. because it happened to him close up.

    you see,without being nasty to the guy or any person,if it is close to home,its a different matter. the rest of us had to go to buggery as the GOVERNMENT refused to listen to the people.

    so explain to me and every other human in this country,why did it take a home hit to eventually change a law? this to me indicates that we are at the GOVERNMENTS MERCY any time it suits them,and them only,and the jerks say,like the INTER CODE AGREEMENT,that it has to be done the right way. only when it suits them it appaears.

    we have the weakest GOVERNMENTS and POLIES in the land and the world.they are destroying this country in all facets,not just dog industry,and one can see immiagration as being the next big fuse to be lit and anarchy reigning upon the country.the GOVERNMENTS have the power to change things,but only if it affects them personally. and if one polies family is hurt by an immiagrant,you watch the change in attitude to immigrants. look at VICTORIA right now with SUDANESE teens wrecking the state,and yet no movement on removing them back home.yet and aboriginal teen does same,and they are jailed.

    this is justice,the pollies way.

  7. spyman 

    hhmmm,… one federal government…..you mean a republic?….what if BAIRD ends up as president….i don’t think so Gale but thanks anyway.

    The Greens are the real cancer here.  One thing at a time. The next election will be here before we know it!!!

  8. The industry has themselves to blame. You are all as weak as piss. Stand up for yourselves you weak bastards. All the BS rules GRNSW is bringing in. No point whinging and bitching on Facebook. That’s not going to fix it.

    Stand up for yourselves and tell them to stick it up their arse.

    I didn’t agree with everything GAG did but they did at least get an enquiry, which in agreeance with the Cameron Report found we are being ripped off by the Trots and Gallops. Do something about it. Stand united.

  9. spyman Lets look  at the panel Morris Iemma  political Appointment and has little or nothing to do with the Labor Party  ? Simon Draper political Appointment,Liberal looking to advance? Steve Coleman political appointment,would rather see a closure of the Industry ?

    Christine Middlemiss Political Appointment,expert in the area of sheep genetics ? Brenton Scott  political Appointment .In my mind outside of Scott, the others i feel have antipathy towards the major stakeholders the participants ! Now after Baird’s comments on 2HD  on Monday.  The 1st of July is looming quickly,  and could be the END .For once i hope i’am wrong

  10. The current state of play in the greyhound dispute can be framed in the difference of opinions as to the Premiers further intent between the two leading shock jocks.

    As I understand it one shock jock  believes that the Premier’s confessed mistake was that he picked the wrong option in the special commission of Inquiries report by closing down greyhound racing rather than taking the second option and killing greyhound racing by over regulation.

    The second shock jock believes that racing will return in some form with the Government required to carry out its contract to the viability of greyhound racing over the 99 year period.

    Both the above opinions carry a good deal of fair comment and either way the success of the greyhound recent actions has given greyhound racing a small window of opportunity to advance so I would say that anyone with any contribution to make to the cause this is the time to do it.

  11. BobWhitelaw Agreed, we should all submit to the the continuing review prior to the parliament re sitting in February.

    The newly formed Country Greyhound Racing Clubs Welfare Trust will submit to Parliament and provide editing services to Trustees making separate submissions. A problem shared is a problem solved.

  12. John Tracey  As I understand it one shock jock  believes that the Premier’s confessed mistake was that he picked the wrong option in the special commission of Inquiries report by closing down greyhound racing rather than taking the second option and killing greyhound racing by over regulation

    and JOHN,this is what is beginning to take place right now. slow strangulation of the industry by over zealous(deliberately) regulations. mind you though,VICTORIA is experiencing a very similar over regulation(like a national plan really)and coping ok. would not say its been 100% accepted by all,but I have seen a slow demise with quite a few slowing down their involvement,or even leaving the industry completely.

    its a well known that BAIRD is a slime bag of the highest degree,and he was never going to accept the dog industry having the last laugh at him. no siree,this is his way,HIS WAY, of slowly killing off the industry,THE RIGHT WAY AND THE RIGHT THING TO DO………..

    as for member participantcy,either by voice or whatever,is often queried as to its importance. hasn’t been well accepted up until now(unless you are right in the left pocket)so how many more times,must we industry participants voice an opinion of how the industry should NOW be run,and how changes and what changes should be activated.HARDLY AN IDEA OUTSIDE THAT GROUP,GETS A MENTION. A LOT OF WASTED TYPE IN MY OPINON.

    this industry,in its current format,will not progress to where it deserves to be. simply because we have the wrong people at the FRONT OF THE SHIP. blind FREDDY can see what has happened in the past,and what is happening now,and know one knows,yet,of the future,and yet the same old same old are captaining the cruise!!!!! defies logic mate,and I am telling it straight,that this industry needs a complete overhaul of those in charge,and a whole new leadership command that can take this industry through its new phases.

    many other sports industries have thrived under new directors. professional directors NOT FROM THE INDUSTRY that has TURNED things around and improved the past and guaranteed the future. proper business people who know how to run and sell a business proper. this industry will not survive in its current format,and we are to blame for where we sit today. all the big words you like to use will not stop what is coming,UNLESS a totally new structure, from staff to image,is taken on.the industry needs a totally new image,and a totally new format,and I would be looking at CORPORATE BOOKIES for advice as well. since we got a ban placed on us,the boost in dollars to them is amazing. so we need there support(for a change) to be privately involved,as they owe us in a way.

    I have said before many times,the state of NSW does not REQUIRE 34 tracks…..if utilised correctly,and a proper business format utilised,6 tracks alone can service the entire state.and the CENTER OF EXCELLENCE theory,is more than just a fancy word. it is a EXCELLENCE structure pertaining to every facet of the industry you can think. and all EQUAL,no track any different to the other,no prizemonies any different to the other,and structured the same. no need to travel huge distances,and the WELFARE issues covered….and the town/region where they are positioned are all catered for.

    the CORPORATES could be virtually  involved heavily in sponsorships etc;,but we do not need our current structure,so we have to forget HOW WE GOT HERE,and it is now how do we survive the future…..and its not using that same formula we have been using for a 100 years. no way,this is a new era,and it needs an injection of new blood and leadership. NOW.

    and as for politics,there is never a day where they do something to pee the people off. be  GREEN,and ANIMAL PARTY GOOF HEAD,or whomever, we unfortunately have a system that requires us to allow them the freedom of stuffing us up,and the country. for gods sake,who can agree that the current leaders we have today are GOOD! you have to admit,this past 10 years of RUDD,GILLARD,ABBOTT/TURNBULL has been the weakest group of leaders we have ever had. no direction,just reaction to weker groups like the GREENS,abd bowing down to there ideals, because they simply have none of their own.this country is at the cross roads right now,and THEY NEED A NEW FORMAT AND NEW STRUCTURE………….sound familiar.

    and of course,what I propose,would take years to bring to fruition. but its an idea and a new suggestion. tell you one thing,it will never be heeded,it will be talked down,but never heeded. so whats the worth of an opinion? zero,unless you are in the real heart center. and I am not professional enough to express it proper,but hey,its an opinion.

  13. John Tracey BobWhitelaw John what worries me is will they listen?This Government is so atrocious in way they are treating the people of NSW ! The result  in Orange is a fine example of the fact the people of NSW has had enough of the Baird Government. John here in the Hunter  the word  CONSULTATION is not a part of this government process.John here are some of their decisions that have taken place without consultation with the broader community ! Coal Mine and the Horse studs issue , Light Rail,, V8 Super Car racing around the CBD of Newcastle, the privatisation  of Buses and Ferries here in Newcastle ,the Council amalgamations ,the part Closure of T.A.F.E. Hospital Privatisation ,and of course the ban on Greyhound racing, again even with this half back flip No Consultation with the people effected .John with that observation by myself  re what this government is up to re the greyhound industry it will be so hard for the industry to survive under the structure that will come from this Panel so  in my view it will be DEATH OF THE INDUSTRY BY STEALTH  , once again i hope i’am wrong .

  14. BobWhitelaw John Tracey  BOB…just been announced BAIRD is not pursuing the HUNTER VALLEY for coal mining.


    if the current leaders of those organisations are UNABLE TO RECOGNISE such conditions,or worse yet choose to outright ignore them-it can and will have catastrophic consequences…….Jim Collins(author)

    oh Heleluelaya.truer words never written.and its relationship to our own cause,priceless.

    one cannot improve that statement,and it hits home.it so similar to our current situation,and hence why I have emphasised strongly,that the industry needs change. right across the board.

    and he quotes recognising our fault.stop defending the wrongs. get rid of them admit we got it wrong,and strive forward,but recognising we got it wrong first.then and only then,can we move forward. but we will not be able to do this,in our current format because thye ones who got it wrong are still in charge today.

    if our leaders sat down with a JIM COLLINS,how do you think he would see our plight? we would not last 1 hour with him,as he would see straight up we are our own worst enemy. CHANGE IS NEEDED.

  15. spyman BobWhitelaw John Tracey I totally agree , just saw a snippet on news 24 in regards to  people with social and mental problems especially among the homeless and the back drop of the story was Wentworth Park and the homeless living there in small tents. I then thought to my self here’s a government that wants to close down a industry that’s earning millions for the government in income  and ignoring the plight of the homeless ! I wonder how many of the homeless get a room in the units that will eventually  be part of the Future Wentworth Park development.  

  16. BobWhitelaw spyman @John Tracey…..BOB not up to scratch on the mental and tent situation,but we have to delete WP from our future plans. topography does not allow our type of industry to be a core of the city set up.we have to relinquish(note’ DUNCAN STEARN has raised this exact question)the complex, but compensation must be paid to us.that could be step1.

  17. spyman BobWhitelaw The quicker the better,  i read a financial audit done by one of their former directors of the GBOTA  and it was stated in that audit that it was costing the Greyhound Racing Industry $ 400.000 a year to be there  Now there goes more of our hard earn going to a selected few !

  18. spyman John Tracey The rationalist model was in favour in South Australia some years ago and some legislation was passed by not enforced. The idea was for greyhound racing to be run by private businesses out of theatres on grounds where there was cheap labour and land. The super tracks needed only shelter for the staff and visiting trainers, the emphasis was on the track only. Private property of breeders could be used for the track and very few tracks would be needed across Australia to satisfy Tab Broadcast needs. Four properties with two tracks each would be more than enough for this purpose for the whole of Australia. The first organisation to apply under the complete commercial and competitive model was the quarter horse association who had up to 40,000 quarter horses and who could have made a hole in the current horse racing market and take over the greyhound racing as well. I think we need to look at Racing in other form as well, Including cultural considerations such as recreation sport and art. The latest dynamic is animal services and infrastructure needed and the fact that existing greyhound grounds could provide much of these services. The demand on the funeral and grave yard services for companion animals in NSW to fill an anticipated demand would be over a million for each of the exisiting facilities available at the moment. People travelling with retired dogs have few facilities if they wish to take their dogs with them and there is a good market for traveller with their dogs in the last period of the dogs life where the owner are reluctant to leave them. The weakness in the financial arrangements is in my view in marketing and promotion and you cant expect regulatory officials of control boards , associations and clubs to carry this out as the skills are counter productive to low risk takers. My take is that marketing and promotion has to be carried out by discretionary trusts and this is what we are trying out.

    Whatever people think the Alliance coupled with the fighting fund trust  has been the most successful governance in NSW greyhound racing history, so why go back to the tired system of employing hacks who cant make it in the real world and assume to be able to solve the greyhound problems. 

  19. BobWhitelaw John Tracey People find it difficult to listen to the silent majority or to people barking at them. We have made inroads but can we get anything out of this for the greyhound people themselves, everyone who has backed us is coming up smelling roses and they will rightly move on.

    Time will tell.

  20. John Tracey spyman Come on John, you do have a vested interest in the Alliance and success is measured  by results i think you have the cart in front of horse  at the moment with your comment.

  21. John Tracey BobWhitelaw  John The credibility  of some in Alliance  that the silent majority fear the most  and i for one understand their concerns as we all should  be and  when the truth comes out ,they won’t  come up  smelling like roses  and you know that !

  22. BobWhitelaw John Tracey Sorry Bob I don’t know anything about the office politics in the Alliance. My responsibility is to the fighting fund in relation to trustees acting in good faith to the trust deed. If contributors to the fund have problems with the trustees they can contact me. The Alliance is an instrument that funds the discretionary trust deed in much the same way as other contributors. The GBOTA is the largest contributor to the fund and the figures were disclosed to the last annual meeting. I think that it is a low percentage game attacking your own but of course there are genuine concerns across the board.

    Grievances relating to the fighting fund can be forwarded to Post Office Box 1788 Rozelle 2039 NSW. The application should include the senders detail of contributions to the fund,Identification of the sender and the matter of concern and if possible the action I should take to remedy the situation. The E-mail address should be given for further comment. 

    If your grievance is with the alliance then they have an e-mail advice service that asks for matters to be raised. I assume that serious people are already connected to their e-mail service but if this is not the case then you would need to obtain detail from the GBOTA Head Office.

    There are of course a range of other options open to the individual and of course you are more aware of these than myself as you have been a long time in the field.

  23. John Tracey BobWhitelaw Thanks John ,I’ll pass it on to those who  have concerns,John i have no doubt that the  fighting Fund could have been much larger, but because of who’s in the team its comes down to a matter of trust and with their form which is not good and i for one warned Brenton it would hurt, and like me i don’t blame them . 

  24. spyman BobWhitelaw John Tracey As usual  Baird comes out with some story trying to cover his arse,then   the Minister Rob Stokes responsible for Coal Mining in NSW denying any changes to the South Drayton plan  so who do you want to believe John ?