Assassin Journey

Carruthers’ Journey Back To The Top

Castlereagh duo John and Jane Carruthers have always been highly respected trainers, breeders and stud masters, having put the polish on some of our Countries...

Will Deja Vu Strike Again In New Sensation Final?

Greyhound enthusiasts can be forgiven for having a sense of deja vu last Friday night, as Clay Mullens star chaser Fast Archer clocked a sizzling...

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Saturday 1st August 2009

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Lawson Holding All The Aces In Country Showdown

A star studded lineup has been assembled for the 2009 KS Black and Co. Country Challenge Showdown to be held this Saturday night at Wentworth...

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GRNSW Country Challenge Showdown Draws Near

It was a chaser of three and a half years from the North Coast that won in 2007 and in 2008, a veteran of five...

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