Multi bets in sport & greyhound racing

If you want to win big betting on greyhound racing, multi bets are the way to go.

Greyhound racing multi bets are available through every one of our recommended online bookmakers, all of whom offer excellent sign-up deals to help kick start your online betting account.

Multi bets require some finely-tuned punting skills, involving numerous single bets, known as legs, being combined into one wager. The odds are calculated by multiplying the initial bet amount with the odds for the first leg, followed by that payout multiplied by the odds for the second leg, and so on.

For example, a multi bet’s payout can be calculated as follows, assuming each leg of the bet won.

  • Leg 1 – $1.00 on R1 No.1 @ $5.00 = $5.00 win
  • Leg 2 – $5.00 on R3 No.4 @ $2.00 = $10.00 win
  • Leg 3 – $10.00 on R5 No.8 @ $9.00 = $90 win
  • Leg 4 – $90.00 on R9 No.3 @ $2.00 = $180.00 total collect

While they may sound relatively simple in theory, there are a few important things to consider before placing your hard-earned coin on a greyhound racing multi bet.

Does each leg of my multi bet have to be at the same greyhound meeting?

One of the things that make multi bets so popular is each leg does not have to be from the same greyhound meeting or even on the dish lickers at all.

For example, punters could choose to place their first leg on Albion Park greys, the second leg at Sandown Park greys, the third leg on the Flemington races and the fourth leg on an upcoming NRL game.

multi-betThis is a great type of bet for those punters that like to mix things up and follow different racing codes and sports, and it also leaves plenty of opportunities for you to be able to find some value from the different events on offer through online bookmakers.

Of course, there is nothing stopping you from having a multi bet with every leg being at the same meeting, this could be just as profitable if you have studied the form and think you can spot a couple of winners.

Can I bet using parimutuel odds for my multi bet?

You can choose to go with fixed odds or parimutuel betting when placing your greyhound racing multi bet.

In most cases, fixed odds are the most popular as they allows punters to know precisely what their return is going to be, should their bet be successful, at the time of placing their bet.

However, some online bookmakers do not release fixed odds greyhound markets until around 20 minutes prior to each scheduled running. So, if you have greyhound racing legs in your multi bet, these markets may not be available for you to use when you originally place the bet, meaning you will have to bet using the parimutuel markets available through each bookie.

It is ok to mix and match fixed odds and parimutuel betting within your multi and it can be necessary at times. For instance, if one leg was a greyhound race with no fixed odds markets and another leg was for an AFL match which doesn’t have parimutuel betting – you could still place this multi bet through an online bookmaker with each leg using the alternate market types.

If you think fixed odds are the way to go, Australian Racing Greyhound recommends Bet 365 which generally have fixed odds prices for all greyhound racing events at least 24 hours prior to their start time.

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Does each leg of my greyhound racing multi bet have to be for the win?

Punters can choose to place each leg of their multi bet for either the win or the place. Of course, by selecting the runner to place, you instantly increase your chances of that leg being successful, however the return is likely to be less than for the win.

For this reason, win bets are the most popular when placing your multi, with many people tending to reserve the place for roughies that they think could pay lucratively.

If you have included a sporting event as one of the legs in your multi, there are also a variety of markets which you can choose.

The most simple is Head-to-Head, which essentially equates to a win bet in the racing world.

You can also choose line betting markets, enabling you to predict how many points a certain team will win by.


  • Leg 1 – $1.00 on R2 No.4 at Sandown Park greyhounds @ $4.00 to win = $4.00 win
  • Leg 2 – $4.00 on R5. No.2 at Albion Park greyhounds @ $2.00 to place = $8.00 win
  • Leg 3 – $8.00 on Newcastle Knights @ $3.00 to win = $24.00
  • Leg 4 – $24.00 on South Sydney Rabbitohs @ $2.00 to win 1-12 = $48.00 total collect

How many legs should I include in my multi bet?

There are no right or wrong amount of legs to include in your multi bets – it all comes down to how confident you are about the chances of the runner/team/sportsperson that you have chosen in each leg. There is no point taking a 15 leg multi if you are guessing the result of five of those legs, hoping for a bigger return. Stick with what you know and what you are confident with and you will be much more likely to succeed. At the end of the day it is better to walk away with a smaller winning dividend than a larger losing dividend.

Another important thing to consider is, while luck is always a major factor when betting, a decent amount of skill is required when placing complex bets such as a multi.

While you may fluke one leg, you won’t get paid unless you can nail every result and that requires some work analysing the form and watching the early markets before placing your bet.

How to place a multi bet online

Once you know how many legs you are going to include in your multi and have identified the (hopeful) winners for each, it is time to put on your bet.

All of our recommended bookmakers have clear and easy to understand website and apps to guide you though placing a multi bet, but we have also tried to identify the main steps below.

First of all, select the event you wish to bet on and the runner and add it to your bet slip. You will then be able to move on to the next race or event you wish to include and repeat this process until you have selected every leg.

Once this is done, open up your bet slip which will list all of your legs as single bets. While each site and app is slightly different, you will have an option to combine all of the individual bets into one, before entering your stake and confirming.

Once the bet is placed it is as easy as sitting back, relaxing and cheering on your chosen greyhounds.

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