18 Month Disqualification Handed Down To Owner Linda Hulsinga

today completed their with respect to Owner Ms Linda Hulsinga arising from the inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the presence of 61 greyhounds at a Nambeelup Park kennel property, the persons associated with these greyhounds and the actions and associations of registered persons with disqualified person Mr Graham Berry.

At a hearing on 13 August 2014, Ms Hulsinga was found guilty to three charges, all under GAR 86(ah). The particulars of each charge related to association with disqualified person Mr G Berry for the purposes of Greyhound racing.

In relation to the first charge involving the placement of DEEJAY FLYER, a greyhound owned by her at Mr Berry’s premises, a disqualification of six (6) months was imposed.

In relation to the second charge involving the organising for Mr Berry to relocate CEEJAY SHAMBI, a greyhound owned by her and her nine pups to his premises, a disqualification of eighteen (18) months was imposed.

In relation to the third charge involving the placement of nine pups out of BLACK WOLF/SHAMBI GEM to be relocated to the premises, a disqualification of eighteen (18) months was imposed.

In considering the appropriate penalty, Stewards took into account, amongst other things:

– Ms Hulsinga’s clean record since becoming registered as an owner in 2006.
– The seriousness and circumstances of the offences Her level of involvement and the status of the greyhounds concerned
– The need for deterrence both general and specific

The penalties are to be served concurrently effective immediately and to expire midnight 21 February 2016.

In view of the circumstances of this case and that charge three was in relation to a number of puppies having been relocated to the care and control of a disqualified person prior to and micro chipping taking place, the Stewards acting under Rule 138 (5) have directed that all puppies from the BLACK WOLF x SHAMBI GEM litter whelped on 10 March 2014 will be subject to DNA fingerprint analysis for the purpose of ascertaining the correct parentage of each greyhound which must be completed within 3 months from today’s decision.

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