Australian Racing Greyhound is Australia’s Last Man Standing

It is official Australian Racing Greyhound is Australian greyhound racing’s sole survivor.

Well, to be honest it is not official. There has been a distinct lack of transparency around the deal, but ARG can confirm The has fallen to the mighty dollar.

The same way and fell under the Newscorp umbrella, so too has The Greyhound Recorder gone under the Newscorp bus.

Newscorp now own the largest racing sites in the country, and of course control much of the racing message through their other publications; in addition to having the website content contract with through their Punters brand. This development supplements their other racing revenue which see’s Newscorp receiving significant industry spend from state racing bodies to print fields and provide coverage in their dailies.

The three acquisitions now see Newscorp as ’s biggest bookmaking affiliate. Online affiliates make money from driving traffic to bookmaker partner programs, for which they are rewarded through a percentage of that customers losses at the bookmaker; or they receive a fixed fee for each customer they refer who signs up.

Is this good for Australian racing?

We will let others decide that, but importantly it leaves sites like Australian Racing Greyhound, and as one of the few independent websites covering Australian sport and racing.

Australian Racing Greyhound is the only independent greyhound racing site of its size left in Australia, and proudly led the fight to overturn the the NSW greyhound ban despite numerous legal threats and intimidation.

Australian Racing Greyhound’s lone voice is now more important than ever.

Greyhound racing fans can rest assured we will continue the good fight, and continue to provide Australia’s best, impartial, experienced, educated, editorial coverage of all things greyhound racing.

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