Ballarat Greyhounds Get $360,000 Upgrade

greyhounds are set for a huge boost courtesy of the after the Brumby government today annouced the popular greyhound club would be in part beneficiairies of the Victorian racing industries $86 million slush fund, the Regional Racing Infrastructure Fund ().

While the Ballarat Turf Club have also been allocated a significant sum from the fund to upgrade its existing sand track, the lions share of the first funds to be allocated from the fund will go toward the Ballarat Greyhound Racing Club who will receive almost $190,000 from the government toward a $360,000 upgrade.

The RRIF is a joint partnership between the Vitcorian governement and the Victorian racing industry, with the Brumby government chipping in $45 million and the Victorian racing industry contributing $41 million to support major infrastructure and capital improvements at regional and rural racing and training venues.

“This $86 million funding package is the largest ever committed to the racing industry and will be a major boost for infrastructure projects at regional and rural thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing clubs which are such an integral part of the communities they serve,” Mr Hulls said.

The allocation from the RRIF for the Ballarat Greyhound Racing Club has been earmarked to be put towards a $360,000 upgrade of the function room and toilet area, an upgrade which anyone who has ever been to Ballarat greyhounds will ackowledge is well overdue.

“The facilities at the Ballarat greyhound track are used extensively by community groups such as primary schools, football and netball clubs and for functions and weddings,” Mr Hulls said.

“This upgrade will modernise and improve the existing facilities for not only race-day patrons and staff, but for the broader community who make such great use of the function space.”

Ballarat is the first region to benefit from an $86 million funding partnership between the Brumby Labor Government and the Victorian racing industry, Deputy Premier and Minister for Racing announced today.

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