Backing Your Judgement

There's no doubt backing your own judgement is the only way to go, no matter the scenario. Too often we are swayed by others .

No doubt if you are reading this you are either one of two people, a greyhound fan, or a greyhound fan who loves a punt; or both. I myself,am both and have made a good living turning my love of the greyhound into a way of making a living. There is plenty of truth in the saying, when you have a passion and love for something, you will never work a day in your life. How true that is.

Whether you train, breed, rear, or punt on the dogs; there is no doubt having the confidence to back your own judgement is paramount to success. From with unfashionable dogs, to backing a dog when no ones else gives it a chance; having the confidence to believe in yourself is the only recipe to success.

Confidence is a huge thing, no matter what the task, and we all perform better when riding the wave of success. No one knows you, better than yourself. And it takes a strong person to continue to back your own judgement when the cards aren't falling your way. All too often I hear fellow punters, complaining how they should of, or could of, backed that winner; but did not because someone else said it could not win or fancied something else.

How often do we trust others with our hard earned? Rarely.

So why do we succumb to backing something other than our own choice? Confidence. Thats what it all boils down too.

When our confidence is sky high nothing seems to get in our way and the fruits of our labour follow. Take away our confidence, and we ware merely nothing but sheep who follow the herd.

Most of todays greyhound betting pools, are made up of so called “mug money”. Money that the average Joe Blow has invested in the race because he likes the dogs name, followed his favourite numbers, or has decided to back the favourite in order to increase his chance of winning. This all to often leads to false favorites or dogs starting way under the odds.

This in-turn has the ability to cloud our own judgement, and have us second guessing ourselves. How often have we changed our mind, because the announcer, has announced a flood of money, coming in for a certain runner, or decided to sprook a runner based on its short payout dividend?

Richard Freedman, a announcer has been guilty of this, on more occasions then I care to think about. All too often he has spruiked a runner based on its current dividend with 10 mins to the race, and the win pool holding barely enough to fill the family car full of petrol. Sure sometimes the early money can be of a benefit, but generally speaking its all to often wrong and misleading.

The educated greyhound punter knows all to well, that placing a sizeable wager on a Greyhound in most TAB agencies, can often lead to a dividend way under the expected odds. The only way to have a sizable wager is to take fixed odds, if available, or place the bet with a Online Bookmaker such as Sportingbet.

I am guilty of allowing these factors to cloud my own judgement. Sure my daily selections are doing quite well, and there's no doubt you would be miles in front following the daily tips. But with my own confidence down I find it very hard to put my money where my mouth is and back my own selections.

With a small outlay of $10 and had you of taken last nights 3 selections in a Multi Bet, you would of collected $235.20. That's the equivellant of a 23,500 % return on your investment. Try finding that sort of return elsewhere. It doesn't exist.

We all spend our time participating in this wonderful sport one way or another, and are all experts in our own right. Don't be swayed by the opinion of others, or be upset with yourself for not backing your own judgement.

Sure having the benefit of another persons opinion can be greatly advantageous, and at times a great help. “Two legs are always better than one”; but rather take another's opinion, compare it to your own and either come to an agreed decision with there's or back your own judgement.

Remember, rarely do we trust others with our hard earned, so dont fall into the caterory of the “mug punter” who rarely wins and barely achieves success on his own.

Back your own judgement and success is sure to follow more often than not.

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