Gigantic Cup Day Tote Pools Ignored By Greyhound Racing

The giant pools generated on the first Tuesday in November have, for at least a decade now, captured the imagination of all greyhound punters. Whilst acknowledging that ‘they' will bet on anything thrown up to ‘them' on that day, it is shameful that our code provides such poor quality meetings to bet on.

There are two really solid reasons that the Greyhound industry should increase its interest in this subject.

Primarily it comes down to advertising. The Greyhound industry gets one huge chance annually to showcase itself to undoubtedly its' biggest audience, yet it programmes low grade racing nation wide.

I'm not advocating racing on this day (naturally it would be lost amidst the hype), but I am an advocate of Metropolitan graded races to allow those gambling ,perhaps for the first time on our product, to see decent animals running around.

After all if we can attract even just a few new gamblers to greyhound racing it would be well worth it in the long run. Given that Harness Racing is very quiet nationwide on Cup Day it exaggerates OUR chance at snaring a decent sized share of market place.

Unraced maidens, Tier 3 moderates and cagey do not cut it as great advertisements for our wonderful sport. Who knows, if ‘real' races were scheduled on Cup Day, the pools may even be bigger than the ones we currently are so enthused about.

As an example of this low grade racing mentality one has to look no further than the Victorian meetings on the day at and . Three maiden races, four shorts at 311m, three graded 520's and a tier 3 short made up the program at Cranbourne.

At Sale, in the evening, when the pools are still huge, the first four races were maidens featuring multiple unraced dogs. Hardly enticing! : Either for a first time punter or indeed for those mentioned in the next paragraph of this report.

Secondly I know that die-hard Greyhound punters really look forward to this day.. Such massive pools mean that the Greyhound enthusiast and pro and semi-pro punters can really step up and have a decent bet without fear of crippling the pool with the weight of their bets. I'm certain if the standard of racing was better on this day then those of us who enjoy the punt would be inclined to wager more on a race to race basis.

At the moment there so many NO-BET races on Cup day it is laughable. Authorities would be well advised to consider the punters plight and construct something more viable than what is currently on offer.

By simply paying attention to the market place, unfortunately not something our Greyhound administrators are known for, Greyhound Racing could be a big winner on Cup day, rather than just a bit player. Correspondence along these lines has been sent to relevant authorities in each state.The industry could do a better job on this day, so let's hope we don't drop the ball in the future

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