2015 Group 2 Ballarat Cup heats- full form, free tips & best odds

EIGHT terrific heats of the 2 Ballarat Cup will be staged on Wednesday night, highlighted by superstar sprinter which will be aiming to to his brilliant best after a shock defeat in last week’s Melbourne Cup.

The son of Kelsos Fusileer and Chloe Allen has drawn box three in race seven (heat three) and is currently $1.45 with Bet365 to book his spot in the $70,000-to-the-winner final.

The series is crammed with quality, with high quality chasers such as Tommy Brislane (race five, box seven), Shared Equity (race eight, box seven), Billo’s Pick (race nine, box two), Zipping Meg (race nine, box five), Magic Spring (race nine, box seven) and Kihael Kaluna (race 12, box five) all in contention for the prize.

With eight heats, only the winner will progress through to the decider, to be run next Friday over the 450 metre trip.

To help you find each of the winners, Australian Racing Greyhound has extensively previewed every qualifier, with and comments from our expert form analyst, Brad Bugeja.

Race No. 52015 Energis Ballarat Cup Ht18:20 PM (VIC time)
S/E Heat event over 450 metres at Ballarat Of $7,250 Prizemoney.
1st: $5,000 2nd: $1,500 3rd: $750.


1ZOLTINA’S LEGACY [5]72111FSHA Chapple (Exford)
2BENZO BALE (NSW)[5]41425NBTA Dailly (Anakie)
3MEPUNGA ARMAGH [4]52214FSHJ Britton (Anakie)
4RIVERGUM (NSW)[4]1721524.90(2)K Greenough (Pearcedale)
5KENJU BALE (NSW)[5]54727NBTA Dailly (Anakie)
6AGENT JACK [3]4611625.14(8)J Borg (Maryborough)
7TOMMY BRISLANE [4]11141FSHS White (Nowra Hill)
8BLUE REVOLVER (NSW)[5]18112NBTW Vassallo (Devon Meadows)
9SMILEY SAM [5]Res.33555NBTG Hansen (Daisy Hill)
10SCENIC SHOT (NSW)[5]Res.74386NBTJ Magri (Avalon)

The first heat should be a great battle with at least five genuine winning chances. I’ve actually given the edge to the well drawn Zoltina’s Legacy ($4.00 with Sportsbet). He isn’t overly strong over this journey but he is blessed with a phenomenal turn of foot and from the red draw he should be able to fire through and assume control early. He will cop some pressure for the outside division but he should hold up from the rails draw and he should be running around the 25.10 mark on the lure and that should be enough to score.

Tommy Brislane ($3.00) is a classy former NSW sprinter and he has excelled since making the move to . Three starts back he posted a sizzling 25.79 Warragul win and a repeat of that will see him figure in the finish.

Blue Revolver ($3.40) is another who has dazzling early speed, however I am little concerned that he will be posted wide for most of the journey.

Rivergum Drive ($7.00) is the most talented chaser in the race but he can make mistakes early and he will need a few things to go his way in the early stages.

Top Four: 1 – 7 – 4 – 8

Race No. 62015 Energis Ballarat Cup Ht28:40 PM (VIC time)
S/E Heat event over 450 metres at Ballarat Of $7,250 Prizemoney.
1st: $5,000 2nd: $1,500 3rd: $750.


1MAGIC IS MIGHT [5]2411325.53(2)P Presutto (Devon Meadows)
2ALPHA ZEUS [4]2271225.31(1)J Britton (Anakie)
3ELFEN BALE (NSW)[4]1616325.45(5)A Dailly (Anakie)
4CRACKERJACK MAX [5]6124625.22(4)A Dailly (Anakie)
5ASTON BOLERO [3]1111125.25(5)J Thompson (Pearcedale)
6MEPUNGA RANGER [4]7368525.37(1)S Elsum (Camperdown)
7TYWIN BALE (NSW)[5]77841NBTS Collins (Lara)
8STOMPIN’ [2]5713125.17(8)J Borg (Maryborough)
9KING SIZE SHAMBI (WA)[4]Res.5237525.37(1)G Hansen (Daisy Hill)
10SCENIC SHOT (NSW)[5]Res.74386NBTJ Magri (Avalon)

Aston Bolero ($1.95) is an exciting up-and-comer and he has scored some scorching wins on the provincial circuits in recent weeks. He can miss the kick slightly in his races but he does explode soon after box rise and with some room in the first 50m he should accelerate to the early lead and build up a nice lead mid race. The last 30m is still a small problem but this heat isn’t overly strong, so he should have enough in the tank to hold on.

Elfen Bale ($6.50) is the obvious danger, she is a class act and she normally pings the lids in her races. Two starts back she was far from disgraced when placed in a heat of the Melbourne Cup and she should find this a little easier.

Crackerjack Max ($17 with Crownbet) could be the value in the event, he is normally faultless at box rise and he does possess good speed, so he should be in contention for most of the journey and if the favourite has to work hard mid race he could be there to capitalise.

Stompin’ ($6) rounds out the chances, he races well here and the wide draw suits, however I think this class might test him.

Top Four: 5 – 3 – 4 – 8

Race No. 72015 Energis Ballarat Cup Ht38:58 PM (VIC time)
S/E Heat event over 450 metres at Ballarat Of $7,250 Prizemoney.
1st: $5,000 2nd: $1,500 3rd: $750.


1LUNAR ECLIPSE [5]38188NBTC Bahen (Yuroke)
2LEKTRA OUTLAW [4]3388825.37(3)A Dailly (Anakie)
3FERNANDO BALE (NSW)[3]1111124.84(7)A Dailly (Anakie)
4QUARREL BALE (NSW)[4]5764825.43(7)S Collins (Lara)
5BREATHING FIRE (NSW)[3]2531125.17(5)K Greenough (Pearcedale)
6DR. DES [5]36161NBTJ Mcmahon (Darriman)
7FABSTAR (QLD)[5]11115NBTS Liuzzi (Lara)
8OVER LIMIT (NSW)[2]2712124.77(3)G Rounds (Devon Meadows)
9GULLY RAIDER (NSW)[5]Res.44443NBTG Jose (Catani)
10PRANCING MAGIC [4]Res.2175825.20(2)A Xerri (Caroline Springs)

As a devoted greyhound fan, it was devastating to see the champ Fernando Bale ($1.45 with Bet365) go down in the final of the Melbourne Cup on Friday night. Although he was beaten, he was far from disgraced as he had to overcome a few difficulties in the run to the first turn to get into contention. Luckily for us, he is going to continue racing and he appears to be a certainty to make the Ballarat Cup Final. There is absolutely no speed drawn around him and he should fire to the early lead and score.

Over Limit has unfortunately been plagued by injuries and if he was sound over the past six months, I don’t think Fernando would have won as many Group 1s as he has, as I think Over Limit may have pinched one or two from him. Last week he returned to racing and it was great to watch as he destroyed a handy lineup at Warrnambool and in the process he broke the magical 25 second barrier. He probably needs another run or two to reach his peak but he does own the track record here and he could give the champ something to think about.

Lunar Eclipse is a frustrating chaser to follow, I have no doubt that one out he could probably match the three and eight on the clock but he does do a lot wrong in his races and he doesn’t like to be crowded early.

Breathing Fire rounds out the place hopes, he will be looking to get to the outside but once he does he will show a great turn of speed and he is quite strong in the run to the line.

Top Four: 3 – 8 – 1 – 5

Race No. 82015 Energis Ballarat Cup Ht49:14 PM (VIC time)
S/E Heat event over 450 metres at Ballarat Of $7,250 Prizemoney.
1st: $5,000 2nd: $1,500 3rd: $750.


1QUINT BALE (NSW)[4]1842425.39(1)S Collins (Lara)
2ZIPPING CHUBBZ (NSW)[4]1341825.03(4)B Ennis (Lara)
3IVY BALE (NSW)[5]3F523FSHA Dailly (Anakie)
4LEE BRILLIANCE [4]1111725.09(3)J Borg (Maryborough)
5MAHOGANY SAPHIRE [5]1226225.54(8)A King (Sulky)
6DR. DON [3]1611125.10(4)W Mcmahon (Darriman)
7SHARED EQUITY [4]17165FSHA Langton (Anakie)
8SHARED [4]5712325.22(2)J Britton (Anakie)
9MAGIC SPRING (NSW)[4]Res.36113FSHK Greenough (Pearcedale)
10GULLY RAIDER (NSW)[5]Res.44443NBTG Jose (Catani)

This is one of the more open heats of the night but I think the favourite can get the job done. Shared Equity has been a little disappointing in the races that matter in recent weeks but the wide draw shouldn’t pose too many problems and with an even getaway she should be able to burn them off. She recently for the Geelong Cup final and in her heat she looked super impressive when posting a sizzling 25.48.

Lee Brilliance has won two of his three tries here and he has recorded some blistering times on the provincial circuit. He lacks experience but there is no doubting his talent and if he comes out running he will definitely make Share Equity work overtime.

Zipping Chubbz is an excitement machine and if he drew the pink I would have just about declared him a good thing. From the 30m mark to the 180m, I think he is almost the fastest chaser in training at present but he does like to get wide and he needs a few strides to get going. He will need some luck here but if he does qualify for the final, he could do some serious damage.

Dr. Don and Shared Bonus are both two chasers who are capable of featuring, however they can be a little slow to begin at times and they will find it difficult to give away a head start and score.

Top Four: 7 – 4 – 8 – 2

Race No. 92015 Energis Ballarat Cup Ht59:38 PM (VIC time)
S/E Heat event over 450 metres at Ballarat Of $7,250 Prizemoney.
1st: $5,000 2nd: $1,500 3rd: $750.


1PAUA TO ROAR (NSW)[4]2153725.50(2)S White (Nowra Hill)
2BILLO’S PICK (NSW)[3]7188224.90(1)K Greenough (Pearcedale)
3BENTA BALE (NSW)[5]14237FSHA Dailly (Anakie)
4LA GRAND LOGIE (NSW)[4]12111FSHJ Eaton (Jilliby)
5ZIPPING MEG (NSW)[5]14411FSHB Ennis (Lara)
6DIEGO BALE (NSW)[4]3412625.47(4)A Dailly (Anakie)
7CALL ME HANK [5]2532825.46(2)G Hansen (Daisy Hill)
8SILVERTOP (NSW)[4]1412725.29(1)J Magri (Avalon)
9PRANCING MAGIC [4]Res.2175825.20(2)A Xerri (Caroline Springs)
10QUEEN AUDREY (NSW)[5]Res.54121FSHC Eaton (Jilliby)

This is probably the toughest heat of the night and I think we can find a little bit of value with the red. Paua To Roar ($6 with Bet365) was a recent Geelong Cup finalist and, although he likes to get wide in his races, he should be able to push up and hold a forward spot in the run to the first turn. With a clear passage he is capable of getting down to around the 25.10 mark or a tad quicker and that would be enough to score.

Magic Spring is a gun NSW speedster and two starts back he broke the 450m Maitland track record. On that occasion he destroyed the inform Sandave Prince who has since set the track alight at Bulli. He has joined a prominent kennel for his Victorian debut and he will run a mighty race.

Billo’s Pick is an enormous talent when right and if he fires out, he will be off and gone with the prize. My concern with him is that he has been missing away in recent weeks and he isn’t racing with a great deal of confidence.

Zipping Meg is a recent Melbourne Cup Finalist and she has posted some highly impressive Sandown Park wins, the middle draw is a big disadvantage tonight but she will hit the line hard and she might sneak into some minor money.

La Grand Logie and Diego Bale both have a good turn of foot and if they are given room to muster they could put themselves into contention and cause some havoc for the favourites.

Top Four: 1 – 7 – 2 – 5

Race No. 102015 Energis Ballarat Cup Ht69:54 PM (VIC time)
S/E Heat event over 450 metres at Ballarat Of $7,250 Prizemoney.
1st: $5,000 2nd: $1,500 3rd: $750.


1LEKTRA UTOPIA [4]6243725.34(8)A Dailly (Anakie)
2BALLERINO [4]13F43NBTJ Borg (Maryborough)
3ATHOS [4]5272225.35(2)R Gray (Pyalong)
4HARLEM SHAKE [5]17523NBTJ Fowler (Curlewis)
5BILLS BACK [4]1231325.64(8)C Smith (Wonwondah)
6CUT LOOSE MAX [5]11222FSHG Howell (Pearcedale)
7ERNEST BALE (NSW)[4]1217725.81(3)S Collins (Lara)
8BLACK ILLUSION [4]16331NBTA Langton (Anakie)
9MAGIC SPRING (NSW)[4]Res.36113FSHK Greenough (Pearcedale)
10SMILEY SAM [5]Res.33555NBTG Hansen (Daisy Hill)

Ernest Bale ($10 with Bet365) isn’t the best of beginners but he does have dazzling mid race speed and he is capable of weaving his way through a field. Four starts back he turned in an almighty performance when placed behind Dalgetty in a heat of the Geelong Cup and a similar effort tonight would see him score. I’m expecting there to be a fair bit of bunching in the run to the first turn and that should work in his favour.

Bills Back is a faultless beginner and he has won a staggering 32 races from 53 tries on the provincial circuit. He should ping the lids and he will be in the firing line throughout, the only concern is that I’m expecting him to have to work hard mid race and that might see him get reeled in as they near the finish line.

Lektra Utopia is an extremely honest chaser and from the red draw he should be in the mix for a long way, he isn’t as brilliant as some of his rivals but he does everything right in his races and he is drawn to run a cheeky race.

Cut Loose Max is in career best form and with some luck in the first 60m or so, he should be there to pounce at the end.

Top Four: 7 – 5 – 1 – 6

Race No. 112015 Energis Ballarat Cup Ht710:19 PM (VIC time)
S/E Heat event over 450 metres at Ballarat Of $7,250 Prizemoney.
1st: $5,000 2nd: $1,500 3rd: $750.


1UNLAWFUL ENTRY [4]1151825.46(8)B Bravo (Lovely Banks)
2SIX GREEN THUMBS [4]3717525.36(2)N Vincent (Lal Lal)
3DYNA TIBER (NSW)[4]6411125.22(2)A Dailly (Anakie)
4 [4]1371125.38(1)H Collins (Lara)
5BERZERK [4]4176325.36(3)J Thompson (Pearcedale)
6IMMORTAL BEAR [3]3123225.63(4)A Chapple (Exford)
7PHASER BALE (NSW)[5]21222NBTS Collins (Lara)
8JAZZY LOU (NSW)[5]15137NBTG Jose (Catani)
9MAGNIFICO (NSW)[5]Res.11885FSHK Greenough (Pearcedale)
10QUEEN AUDREY (NSW)[5]Res.54121FSHC Eaton (Jilliby)

Dyna Tiber ($3.20 with Crownbet) was a recent finalist in the Group 1 Melbourne Cup and he hasn’t done a lot wrong in recent weeks. He posted three metro wins on the trot and on each occasion he reeled off sizzling sectionals. He has always done his best racing on provincial tracks and he should take a power of beating around this circuit. There isn’t a lot of speed drawn around him, so with an even getaway he should be able to drive to the early lead and I think he can go under the 25 second mark with a clear passage.

Berzerk is as honest as they come and he too is better suited back to the provincial circuit. He doesn’t ping the lids but he does muster speed at a rate of knots and if he doesn’t get crowded he should be able to drive through and settle in the top three early.

Unlawful Entry has gone to the next level in recent weeks and he will continue to get better. If he comes out running he has the talent to take it right up to Dyna Tiber and he can probably beat him, however he does race better from wide draws and he will need a few things to go his way in the initial stages.

Phaser Bale is a beast when he is switched on and he could run a cheeky race at nice odds.

Top Four: 3 – 5 – 1 – 7

Race No. 122015 Energis Ballarat Cup Ht810:39 PM (VIC time)
S/E Heat event over 450 metres at Ballarat Of $7,250 Prizemoney.
1st: $5,000 2nd: $1,500 3rd: $750.


1AMARO BALE (NSW)[4]13114NBTA Dailly (Anakie)
2CAUSTIC BALE (NSW)[1]6681225.04(2)S Collins (Lara)
3MOREIRA [5]141F6FSHJ Thompson (Pearcedale)
4ROSIE ROCKS [5]23112NBTR Gladman (Scarsdale)
5KIHAEL KALUNA (NSW)[5]11811FSHM Gatt (Thirlmere)
6MY GIRL CHLOE [4]3123225.37(2)B Bravo (Lovely Banks)
7NO DIGGITY (NSW)[5]17632NBTG Jose (Catani)
8DYNAMO’S GIFT [4]1138825.43(8)R Darby (Drysdale)
9KING SIZE SHAMBI (WA)[4]Res.5237525.37(1)G Hansen (Daisy Hill)
10MAGNIFICO (NSW)[5]Res.11885FSHK Greenough (Pearcedale)

Kihael Kaluna has won eight of his 12 starts to date in NSW and he is a lid pinger. He trialled around this circuit last week and posted a slick 25.24, however his first sectional was probably two lengths off where it should have been, so I’m expecting him to improve a fair bit tonight. If he can begin like he normally does he should fire to the early lead and they will find it hard to reel him in as he will be running around the 25 flat mark.

Caustic Bale is an absolute star and he is capable of anything on his night. He can miss away in his races and he does rely on luck, however he has won four of five here and he does own a 25.04 PB and on that occasion he came from off the speed. If the red can fire away and test Kihael Kaluna early, he should get a nice run through and he will be there to threaten as they turn for home.

Amaro Bale has the good draw and he was a scorching 25.55 Geelong winner three runs back, his lack of mid race pace is a concern but if he holds them out early he will prove hard to reel in.

Moreira is another gifted chaser but he is better suited to a longer journey, I dont think he can win but he is a must for your exotic bets.

Top Four: 5 – 2 – 1 – 3

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