Angle Park greyhound tips & best bets Saturday June 8 2024

Angle Park greyhound tips

The upcoming greyhound racing meeting at in South Australia on the Saturday morning, June 8, 2024 promises a day filled with excitement and thrilling races.

The action starts at 8:22 AM AEST with a total of 10 races lined up for the day.

One of the attractions of the event is the Mcqueens Tavern (n/p) Tg 5+w Series F Pr2 Division, set to take place as Race 7. This race offers a prize pool of $1,070 with $580 going to the winner over 342 metres.

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Angle Park Greyhound Tips 8/6/2024

Race # Time (AEST) Distance (m) Race Name Grade Greyhound (No.) Trainer Prize Total First Place
1 8:22 342m GAP (n/p) Tg Maiden Series F Pr2 Divi Maiden Bundy Fury (1) Tony Hinrichsen $970 $525
2 8:38 342m Follow Thedogssa on X (n/p) Tg 1-4w Series F Pr2 D TG1-4W Bruce's Angel (2) Shelley Trengove $1,005 $545
3 8:55 342m (n/p) Tg 1-4w Series 2 F Pr2 Di TG1-4W Louis Rose (4) Jack Trengove $1,005 $545
4 9:11 342m @thedogssa (n/p) Tg 1-4w Series 3 F Pr2 Division1 TG1-4W Kota Lambai (7) $1,005 $545
5 9:27 342m Fundraisers at Angle Park (n/p) Tg 1-4w Series 4 F TG1-4W Detorri Fury (2) Tony Hinrichsen $1,005 $545
6 9:42 342m Tab (n/p) Tg 1-4w Series 5 F Pr2 Division1 TG1-4W Golden Gangster (7) $1,005 $545
7 9:57 342m Mcqueens Tavern (n/p) Tg 5+w Series F Pr2 Division Other Spartan Brave (2) Jack Trengove $1,070 $580
8 10:12 342m The Dogcast (n/p) Tg 5+w Series 2 F Pr2 Division1 Other Crackerjack Nick (4) Kevin Bewley $1,070 $580
9 10:27 342m (n/p) Tg 5+w Series 3 F Pr2 Division1 Other Stevie Lee Rose (4) Jack Trengove $1,070 $580
10 10:45 342m Fresh Pet Food Co (n/p) Tg 5+w Series 4 F Pr2 Divi Other Aston Floyd (2) Paul Fagan $1,070 $580


Auto-applied in Bet Slip. Limits apply. Min 6 runners. Fixed odds only.

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