Angle Park Greyhounds Tips & Betting Preview June 12th 2014

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Race 1 – Mixed 4/5 515m 7.11pm

Smash Crash won well Monday night from the same box, and should repeat the dose. Allen Illem is bursting to win a race and one little mistake from Smash Crash will see Allen Illem finally salute. Dyna Hula can begin and will be thereabouts. Wrex Bale needs a wide box but will come home hard.

Top Four Selections: 2 – 8 – 6 – 1

Suggested Bet:

Trifecta: 2,8/2,8/1,6


Race 2 – Grade 6 515m 7.35pm

Tia Belle finally won here Monday night, box eight suits and she should lead and win again. Taser Mcbain’s run was good last start, also behind Tia Belle, so she should improve again. Woodside Jagger is unreliable but can win and Kenta Bale can fill fourth.

Top Four Selections: 8 – 4 – 5 – 7

Suggested Bet: Win bet on Tia Belle


Race 3 FFA 731m 7.55pm

Long Gully Surf is the strongest runner and can show dash early, if he gets clear he’ll win. Defib Daryl will likely find the top at some stage and will take catching. Zara Mclaren is well boxed and will pose a threat. Book Of Shadows has talent but we may not see it tonight.

Top Four Selections: 3 – 4 – 1 – 5

Suggested Bet:

Trifecta: 1,3/1,3,4/1,3,4,5,6


Race 4 – Grade 5 515m 8.14pm

This is the right race for As It Goes and she should win with any luck. If Avatar Kist can begin she can find the money. Stew’s Mistake is a fast dog, but it’s a mistake to back him from the middle. Willow can hold on for fourth.

Top Four Selections: 5 – 3 – 4 – 2

Suggested Bet: Win bet on As It Goes

Trifecta: 5/2,3,4/2,3,4


Race 5 – Grade 5 515m 8.38pm

Lochinvar Impala has a motor but can be risky. Pepper Kahn is a great bitch who gives her all and from the red she’s a huge chance. Dream Choice is a fair dog, but finds it tough here and Infinite Power has shown enough to suggest she’ll win a few here in .

Top Four Selections: 7 – 1 – 3 – 2

Suggested Bet: 1,7/1,2,3,7/1,2,3,5,7


Race 6 – Grade 5 515m 8.58pm

Cool Promise has shown her ability winning here in 29.73 and if she slides up the rail early she should win again. Happy Skipper is a huge threat, if he pings and goes look out. Kalden Balerion is racing well so he’ll be in the mix, whilst WireGrass loves it out wide and should pose a threat at some stage.

Top Four Selections: 1 – 5 – 4 – 8

Suggested Bet:

First Four: 1,5/1,4,5/1,4,5,8/field.


Race 7 – Grade 5 600m 9.22pm

Manila Express is a strong bitch who can round these up and win. Bally Swift is an interesting debutant who was formerly trained in QLD but was never tested over 600, she is bred to run 600 metres. Victa nearly got clear last week and if she does look out. Animate is a huge hope if she doesn’t get buried early.

Top Four Selections: 6 – 7 – 8 – 1

Suggested Bet:

Trifecta: 1,6/1,6,8/1,6,7,8


Race 8 – Grade 4 515m 9.41pm

Princess Tee was strong in her last win and generally has toe and can lead from out wide. is super strong but needs clear room early. Stop Scrammin’ will be running on and Gilbert Allen can find fourth.

Top Four Selections: 7 – 1 – 3 – 8

Suggested Bet: 1,7/1,7/3,8


Race 9 – Mixed 3/4/5 600m 10.05pm

Genghis Kahn was exceptional last start over the 600 metre trip when he raced and won like a genuine group dog. All he needs is clear running tonight and he’ll round up Fire Tyson and win. Fire Tyson is having his first go over 600 and on any other night he’d win, but not tonight. Victa Scott and Cool Duke are the best of the rest.

Top Four Selections: 6 – 1 – 3 – 4

Suggested Bet:

First Four: 6/1/3,4/3,4


Race 10 – Grade 6 515m 10.24pm

Boojerooma should prove too classy here despite disappointing last start. Punishment is a super dog and will throw down a big challenge, whilst Buzz Kahn and Lektra Basset look the exotic hopes.

Top Four Selections: 1 – 6 – 4 – 8

Suggested Bet:

Trifecta: 1,6/1,6/4,7


Race 11 – Grade 6 515m 10.44pm

King Chaos was in all sorts of trouble last start and from the red tonight he should win. Footrot Fanning is a talented pup and will be in the firing line at the business end. Hashtag Harry and Max Tyson look the next best.

Top Four Selections: 1 – 6 – 2 – 3

Suggested Bet:

Trifecta: 1/6/2,3



Leg 1: 1,7
Leg 2: 1,5
Leg 3: 6,7,8
Leg 4: 1,7

$24.00 for 100%

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