Angle Park Greyhounds Tips & Betting Preview June 26th 2014

Betting on tonight's greyhounds?

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Race 1 – 515M Grade 4 – 7.11pm

Stew's Mistake is a flying freak, he can utterly disappoint at times and amaze at others. But he's got box one and he excels from the red. Farmeroo is another who can do exactly the same as Stew's Mistake, brilliant one week shocking the next. He has however raced much more consistently since joining the camp. Dee Dee Corsair is well drawn and is likely to rush forward and threaten. Stop Scrammin' is a run on type and he should do just that.

Top Four Selections: 1 – 5 – 6 – 3
Suggested Bet:
Trifecta: 1,5/1,5,6/1,2,3,4,5,6


Race 2 – 515M Grade 6 – 7.35pm

Cool Guinness looks the on top pick and only needs to jump and cruise around the outside to win. Fast PB and looks to good. Tia Belle is a brilliant beginner but paddles late and if she pings and gets away a bit, she's sure to hold down second. Gunsmoke Mcbain is a talented pup, but hasn't shown much here at Angle Park and is a likely improver. Dyna Morrigan has claims.

Top Four Selections: 8 – 2 – 4 – 3
Suggested Bet:
Trifecta: 8/2,3,4/2,3,4,6,7


Race 3 – 515M Grade 5 – 7.55pm

Camouflage Model will eventually make top grade here at Angle Park, so with that in mind, I expect her to take care of these tonight. She can fly the lids when she wants too and runs on very strong. Either way she's the top pick. As It Goes seems to be racing below her best so I'm inclined to watch her one more time. Pepper Kahn is as honest as the day is long and she'll rush forward and give plenty of cheek. Mel Allen is well drawn and is likely to return to some form from the good draw.

Top Four Selections: 5 – 2 – 3 – 7
Suggested Bet:
Win bet on Camouflage Model
Trifecta: 2,5/2,3,5/2,3,4,5,7


Race 4 – 731M Stayers Cup – 8.14pm

Great race with SA's best stayers. Long Gully Surf did't chase hard last time out in my opinion and he looked really flat when working home. He was either having a bludge or his form is starting to taper off. is really starting to show her staying prowess with two wins in fast time from her last three starts. Box one is ideal and I expect her to win if the real Long Gully Surf fails to turn up. Zara Mclaren is strong and will grind home, whilst Manila Express can beat good dogs over the staying trip, but not tonight and not in this small field. The only runner left is Husky Dreamer and funnily enough he's the quickest dog in the race. His time of 43.19 is a length quicker then Long Gully Surf, but leave him out tonight.

Top Four Selections: 1 – 8 – 2 – 6
Suggested Bet:
First Four: 1/8/2/6


Race 5 – 515M Grade 5 – 8.38pm

Dyna Hula should find herself back in the winners circle tonight from box one. She's a quality bitch, but has found top grade company a bit much of recent times. With a drop in grade she gets her chance. Allen Illem will win one very soon. Tonight's hard, but with the right run look out, keep following him. Stuzzichino is racing well and is likely to work forward and play a key role. Wrex Bale will run on hard should he find the outside early enough.

Top Four Selections: 1 – 7 – 6 – 4
Suggested Bet:
Trifecta: 1,7/1,6,7/1,4,6,7,8


Race 6 – 515M FFA – 8.58pm

Top grade race going in the too hard basket. I rarely bet in these races but genuinely enjoy watching them.

Top Four Selections: 8 – 2 – 1 – 6
Suggested Bet:
Its a raffle


Race 7 – 515M Mixed 4/5 – 9.22pm

Lolly Bale nearly pinched it for us last week, but was collared right on the line by the super strong Wild Soul. Give her another go here. Princess Tee is well boxed and racing well, expect her to wind up mid race and let rip. Aston is well boxed and is likely to get the gun run along the rails. Victa Brooke went well last week so expect improvement.

Top Four Selections: 3 – 8 – 1 – 4
Suggested Bet:
Win bet on Lolly Bale
Trifecta: 3,8/1,3,8,1,3,4,5,8


Race 8 – 600M Mixed 3/4/5 – 9.41pm

This race looks easy on paper, but looks can be deceiving. Genghis Kahn is just simply breathtaking at present. Unbeaten here and could run serious time if he gets clear early and has to chase something out and burning on the bunny. Wild Soul is racing super and should be there. Cool Promise is perfectly boxed and one ounce of trouble and she'll pounce. Kalden Kapone will shatter 35.00 seconds here if he leads. Super tough affair.

Top Four Selections: 7 – 6 – 1 – 4
Suggested Bet:
First Four: 6,7/1,6,7/1,4,6,7/1,4,6,7


Race 9 – 515M Grade 6 – 10.05pm

Westmeath is going to win plenty of races. He's clearly the dog to beat, but I'm unsure if he'll handle the red. If he does get in the queue, he'll just win. Tegra Bale is likely to challenge, but overcoming box seven will be a task. Hashtag Harry is well boxed and is likely to float around the outside and come into the race midway through. Poida, the old fella, is still capable of filling a place.

Top Four Selections: 1 – 7 – 8 – 3
Suggested Bet:
Win bet on Westmeath
Trifecta: 1/7,8/3,7,8


Race 10 – 515M Grade 5 – 10.24pm

Woodside Jagger is the best dog in the race but needs to jump and should win if he does. Party Mayhem has to be a massive danger based on the success has with dogs from WA, keep a close eye on him. Omar Bale can run into a place with luck and Velocity Daff is always a threat.

Top Four Selections: 7 – 3 – 4 – 6
Suggested Bet:
Boxed Exacta: 3,7
Trifecta: 3,7/3,7/1,4,6


Race 11 – 515M Grade 6 – 10.44pm

Great way to finish off the night. Kisai Blade and Big Dingo can show this field a clean pair of heels. Both dogs are huge chances. Naturally Curly has claims based on her 30.13 last start win. Allen Ultron should race handy.

Top Four Selections: 4 – 8 – 6 – 3
Suggested Bet:
Trifecta: 4,8/4,8/3,6



Leg 1: 1,7
Leg 2: 1,2,8
Leg 3: 3,8
Leg 4: 1,4,6,7

$48.00 for 100%

Best Bet:
Race 1 Stew's Mistake.

Best Roughie:
Race 10 Party Mahem

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Oinya Oinya
Oinya Oinya
9 years ago

Best Roughie Won $4.40 party Mayhem

Warren Macdonald
Warren Macdonald
9 years ago

Best Roughie Won .40 party Mayhem