Greyhound Betting Tips For Thursday 16th January 2013

Albion Park Greyhounds Race 2 Box 7 Veno 7.04pm

Solid race with a few winning hopes. Veno hasn’t drawn all that well, but is certainly capable of winning. He’s been very consistent lately from wide and will get a great chance from out here again, with a few of the runners on his inside dragging him over. Mid race is the best part of his race and he generally revs right up. He’s still a bit green in my opinion, but he does have his fare share of ability. He should start at around $6.00 from out wide and he looks a solid chance.

Dapto Greyhounds Race 6 Box 8 Dings Chance 9.14pm

The flying Dings Chance is down on form but ready to break back through. He’s stopped the clock in a a a scorching 29.58 and none of these could get close to that. He’s suited out wide and and should find clear room early. I’ve tipped him the last few without success, so in the right field and from this box he gets his chance.

Hobart Greyhounds Race 4 Box 1 Lil Dove 8.41pm

This girl will get all the favours and therefore should be there in the end. Her past coupe of performances have been solid and she’s found a race she can win. The distance suits and the field isn’t all that hard. She has only won the one race and that is the main concern. She should start at odds of around $7.00 and at that prove she’s a solid eachway chance.

Sandown Greyhounds Race 6 Box 4 Pop’s Max 8.52pm

This fellow is the quickest dog but not the most consistent. He’s been around the mark of late without success, but he’s well overdue for a win. Box four makes life tough but he should get the right run into the race behind the side few in this. Mid way through he winds up and he does find the line quite well. There’s no real standout in the race and it is quite a tricky affair. $5.00 is about his price tonight and he looks a real threat.

Best of luck

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