Greyhound Tips For Tuesday 14th May 2013

Only the 3 selections tonight, , and . There’s no meeting in South East QLD today. Townsville will take over the slot with the first race at 4.04pm.

Warragul Greyhounds, Race 8 Box 2 Warm It Up, 9.08pm

Followers of our selections here will be aware of Warm It Up, a dog we have selected on a few occasions. He’s recently been racing over the 400m with great success but he’s a much better dog over 460. He steps back up here tonight and he’s going to be extremely hard to beat over the more suitable distance. He’s been landing midfield of late but he might be able to land alot closer here tonight. He has a huge motor and can really unwind when given free galloping room. He’s won here in 26.12 but he can certainly go much quicker and is capable of 25.80 with his best performance. Mucho was impressive last start and he will be the hardest to beat. But he has drawn the squeeze box here tonight and our selection may be able to skip right away here and open up to much of a break. Warm It Up, fast dog, great box and very tough to beat here tonight.

Lismore Greyhounds, Race 7 Box 1 Heavyweight, 8.42pm

We’re going with the heavyweight here who has a great record from an inside box. He’s won 9 races from 1 and 2 and has come up with the red here tonight in a suitable race he won 2 starts ago at leading throughout over the 600m trip. He’s no stranger to winning here and has won 4 races. He has a PB of 30.39 but that’s about as quick as they are likely to go here tonight in this. If he can jump and hold his position rounding the first turn. He’s going to be a huge threat. He’s quite tenacious and will hustle and bustle if the going gets tough. I doubt the early leaders will be able to hold off a couple of strong dogs mid race in this. Royal Oscar is the most experienced and fastest dog in the race but he’s slightly below his best, but this is certainly the race he can in. Keep him very safe in an open affair.

Gosford Greyhounds, Race 5 Box 2 Gambo Girl, 8.20pm

Our own , recently wrote a great article on tonight’s selection Gambo Girl. Tonight’s 600m event looks a terrific race for Gambo Girl to salute in. Our Money Box the box 1 runner is a great beginner and can reel of good sectionals. If our selection Gambo Girl can stay with here early she should finish over the top of Our Money Box here tonight. She looks a nice young dog Gambo Girl and it appears she will be at her best over 600. She flew the lids and went super winning at 2 starts ago. She had no luck last start and will be hard to beat here tonight.

Best Of Luck

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