Sunday’s best greyhound racing multi bet predictions

AFTER a top night of chasing action on Saturday, we want to make sure you keep winning throughout the remainder of the weekend. We have a terrific greyhound racing , courtesy of our expert tipster Brad Bugeja.

Leg 1 – – Race 8: Gaelic Peter To Place @ Middle Tote

Gaelic Peter is an extremely gifted chaser on his day and he looks ideally placed in the pink draw today. He has won one of three here and he has been placed in his other two attempts, last week he copped a little bother in running when placed behind the exciting Due Process and with a clear passage today I think he can turn the tables on that runner. He is going to be great value for the win but I think for multi purposes the place option is much safer and you might be able to get around the $1.80 mark.

Leg 2 – Park – Race 5: Sam Toocan To Place @ Middle Tote

Sam Toocan doesn’t have great form at present but he is much better than that and this is clearly the weakest race he has contested for a while. I’m expecting him to get back in the early stages but he does have good track sense and he should be able to weave his way through traffic. This really does look to be his race and I think you might be able to get around the $1.70 mark for the middle tote.

Leg 3 – Mount Gambier – Race 10: Stampy Longnose To Place at Middle Tote (Top Two Finish Required)

Stampy Longnose is an inexperienced chaser but he is showing promise and he appears to be getting better with every run. He isn’t exactly a but he will step on terms and with the smaller field he should get a fairly clear passage in the initial stages. There are quite a few runners who are suspect at this distance range, so I’m expecting him to pick them off late in the race. With a top two finish required you might be able to get over the odds for the place.

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