Today’s Mt Gambier greyhound tips Thursday May 23 2024

Mt Gambier greyhound tips

The Mount Gambier Greyhound Racing Club, located in Mount Gambier, in south-east South Australia, is set to hold a greyhound racing meeting on Thursday, May 23, 2024.

The first race will kick off at 11:32 AM AEST, and a total of 12 races are scheduled throughout the day.

The highlight of the event is Race 4, the Greyhound Tips (n/p) 600 metre race, which is slated for 12:35 PM. This race offers a prize pool of $1,070, with the winner walking away with $580.

Fans of greyhound racing and betting enthusiasts are encouraged to utilise our greyhound tips to make informed choices for the Mount Gambier dogs today.

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Today's Mt Gambier Greyhound Tips 23/5/2024

Race # Time (AEST) Distance (m) Race Name Grade Greyhound (No.) Trainer Prize Total First Place
1 11:32 400m Gambier Vets Maiden Stake Pr2 Division1 Maiden Galactic Raven (2) Robert Chuck $970 $525
2 11:52 305m Klaassens Contractors Maiden Stake Pr2 Division1 Maiden Sudoku Jade (4) Julie Green $970 $525
3 12:12 305m Commercial Hotel (n/p) Stake Pr2 Division1 TG1-4W Hop To (4) Allan Brookes $1,005 $545
4 12:35 600m Greyhound Tips (n/p) Stake Pr2 Division1 SE Two Hands George (1) $1,070 $580
5 12:54 400m Greg Martlew Autos (n/p) Stake Pr2 Division1 Other Paw Some Shade (9) Dave Green $1,070 $580
6 13:11 400m Cadillac Racing (n/p) Stake Pr2 Division2 Other Cadillac Landau (2) Kerry Lucy Hawker $1,070 $580
7 13:34 512m Icon Signs (n/p) Mixed Series H Pr2 Division1 TG1-4W Cawbourne Attack (2) Julie Green $1,005 $545
8 13:54 512m Produce Store (n/p) Mixed Series H Pr2 Division2 TG1-4W Aston Verona (1) $1,005 $545
9 14:09 512m Trackside Pet Meats Pick 6 (n/p) Stake Pr2 Divisio Other Crafter Road (7) Peter Keane $1,070 $580
10 14:34 400m Exchange Printers (n/p) Stake Pr2 Division1 TG1-4W Family Friend (10) Allan Brookes $1,005 $545
11 14:54 400m Winning Post Supplies (n/p) Stake Pr2 Division2 TG1-4W Cadillac Beast (4) $1,005 $545
12 15:09 400m Carlin & Gazzard (n/p) Stake Pr2 Division3 TG1-4W Highway (2) Aroha Hemingway $1,005 $545

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