Warragul greyhound betting tips for Tuesday, April 23

Warragul betting tips

The upcoming greyhound racing event at is shaping up to be an evening of fast paced races and spirited competition. Set against the backdrop of Warragul in Victoria, the event is scheduled for April 23, 2024, kicking off with the race at 6;46 PM AEST. Featuring a lineup of 12 races, the event caters to a variety of distances and skill levels for greyhounds.

One of the attractions of the event is the anticipated at Stud race in Race 8. This race, classified as 4/5 grade, promises an exhilarating display of speed and agility over a 460 metre distance. The prize pool for this race totals $3,360, with a generous first-place award of $2,250 awaiting the winner.

The Warragul greyhound racing event promises an evening filled with races and distances to suit every taste. Be sure not to miss out on witnessing these greyhounds in action. Take advantage of our tips to help you make your selections and experience the thrill of the Warragul racing event!

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Warragul Greyhound Tips 23/4/2024

Race # Time (AEST) Distance (m) Race Name Grade Greyhound (No.) Trainer Prize Total First Place
1 18:46 400m Nobody Does It Easier Maiden Bella Stella (1) Danny Cortese $2,535 $1,680
2 19:05 400m National Month Maiden Smokin' Paddy (6) Graeme Campbell $2,535 $1,680
3 19:29 460m Warragul Breeders Classic Ht1 (1-4 Wins) Restricted Win Heat Boracay Summer (6) David Geall $2,925 $1,950
4 19:49 460m Warragul Breeders Classic Ht2 (1-4 Wins) Restricted Win Heat Maia (4) $2,925 $1,950
5 20:13 460m Warragul Breeders Classic Ht3 (1-4 Wins) Restricted Win Heat Darnum Fox (6) Peter Handley $2,925 $1,950
6 20:37 460m Viatek Grade 5 Tigger Intention (7) Taylor O'neill $2,925 $1,950
7 20:57 460m at Stud Grade 5 Upper's Flyer (3) David Kerr $2,925 $1,950
8 21:21 460m Shima Shine at Stud Mixed 4/5 Lornett Express (7) $3,360 $2,250
9 21:46 400m Mc Grafix & Signs Mixed 6/7 Robbie Lee Rose (4) Jeffrey Chignell $2,925 $1,950
10 22:06 400m Paua of Buddy at Stud Mixed 4/5 Myall Ray (4) Judith Risk $3,360 $2,250
11 22:26 400m at Stud Grade 5 (8) Kate Gorman $2,925 $1,950
12 22:47 400m Go the Blue Dog Grade 5 Fergus Bale (1) Luke Harris $2,925 $1,950

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Greyhound Racing Tips

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