Ipswich greyhound betting tips and racing preview | 23/4/2024

Ipswich greyhound tips and preview

The greyhound racing event, in Queensland, Australia, is set to take place on April 23, 2024. The first race kicks off at 3:34 PM AEST, featuring a lineup of 11 races filled with greyhound competition.

One of the attractions of the event is the Greyhound Gear 5th Grade F race in Race 8. With a prize pool of $5,400 up for grabs, this race stands out as the highlight of the day. The victor will walk away with $3,510 in prize money, showcasing the importance of this race. Spanning a distance of 520 metres, the Greyhound Gear 5th Grade F promises to deliver a thrilling display of speed and agility.

For a racing experience we recommend using our greyhound tips. Our team of experts has thoroughly examined each race to provide insights and to assist you in making choices. Don't pass up this chance to improve your odds of success at the Ipswich greyhound racing event.

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Ipswich Greyhound Tips 23/4/2024

Race # Time (AEST) Distance (m) Race Name Grade Greyhound (No.) Trainer Prize Total First Place
1 15:34 431m Tab Venue Mode Maiden H Maiden Steel Rigging (8) Mark Saal $3,000 $1,950
2 15:49 431m Maiden H Maiden Wotan Road (2) Karen Tribe $3,000 $1,950
3 16:09 431m ipswichgreyhounds Maiden H Maiden Extreme Tension (2) Ned Snow $3,000 $1,950
4 16:27 431m Dover and Sons NOV So Dapper (2) Matt Bourke $3,000 $1,950
5 16:44 431m Greyhounds Make Great Pets NOV Glastonbury Man (3) Ned Snow $3,000 $1,950
6 17 431m West Moreton Pet Foods 3rd/4th Grade Jameson Bay (2) Colin Curtis $3,400 $2,210
7 17:19 520m M and K Butchers 5th Grade Al's Cruising (8) Bob Higgs $4,600 $2,990
8 17:38 520m Greyhound Gear 5th Grade F 5th Grade Ebony Bar Cool (3) George Clegg $5,400 $3,510
9 18:01 520m Trembath Tyres 5th Grade Ringbark Razor (2) Leanne Hall $4,600 $2,990
10 18:19 431m Tab 5th Grade Sirius Lizzie (1) Darren Johnstone $3,000 $1,950
11 18:38 431m Sky Racing 5th Grade Spring Bluey (1) Pauline Byers $3,000 $1,950

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