Daniel Bicchieri Suspension Recommenced


The period of penalty imposed on a person who is disqualified or warned off shall automatically be deemed to have recommenced as from the most recent date of the person breaching Rule 99.

on the 17 February, 2014 conducted an into a breach of GAR 99, (Effect of disqualification, suspension, warning off or being declared a defaulter) by Mr. Bicchieri in that did participate in a breeding program with the greyhound Calabrese Gina, of which he was the registered owner.

The particulars being that the greyhound Calabrese Gina was mated with , whilst Mr.Bicchieri was serving a period of disqualification.

Stewards heard evidence from Mr. Bicchieri.

After considering the evidence, Stewards deemed the penalty imposed on Mr. Bicchieri by on 8 November 2013 to have recommenced on 12 January 2014. The penalty being 12 months disqualification with 8 months suspended pending no further breaches of GAR 86 for 12 months.

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