Eleanor Ferguson Disqualification Date Recommenced

Offence : The period of penalty imposed on a person who is disqualified or warned off shall automatically be deemed to have recommenced as from the most recent date of the person breaching Rule 99.

on the 6 May, 2014 conducted an into a breach of GAR 99 (Effect of disqualification, suspension, warning off or being declared a defaulter) by Mrs Ferguson in that she did enter or remain on a place where greyhounds were kept.

Stewards heard evidence from Mr. William Ferguson acting on behalf of his wife Mrs. Eleanor Ferguson. Stewards also heard evidence from Greyhound Racing Mrs. Catherine Scarlett.

After considering the evidence, Stewards deemed the penalty imposed on Mrs Ferguson by the Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board on 21 January 2014 to have recommenced on 3 April, 2014.

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