Finn suspended after EPO positive confirmed

LEADING NSW trainer has had her licensed suspended by Greyhound () after it was confirmed two of her greyhounds returned positive swab samples to the permanently banned substance Recombinant Human Erythropoietin (EPO).

The affected swab samples were taken after Down Every Road and Still Searchin’ competed in the Golden Easter Carnival at Wentworth Park earlier this year.

Still Searchin’ returned a positive to EPO after winning a heat of the on March 20, while Down Every Road showed the presence of the drug in samples taken after winning a semi final of the Group 3 on March 27 and finishing third in the final on April 4, 2015.

Finn’s suspension comes after news broke of the swab irregularities on May 28, however no further action was taken at that time pending the result of the reserve portion of the sample. 

Finn has now been suspended under GAR 92 (5) which reads:

Pending the decision or outcome of an , the Body or may direct that-

(a) if the inquiry directly or indirectly involves or is with a greyhound, then the greyhound shall not be permitted to compete in or be nominated for any Event; and

(b) if the inquiry directly or indirectly involves or is connected with an owner or trainer, then no greyhound owned by the owner or trained by the trainer shall be permitted to compete in or be nominated for any Event; and

(c) a licence or other type of authority or permission be suspended.

It is the first time that a greyhound has returned a positive sample to EPO, a drug used to improve the oxygen delivery to muscles which results in an increased capacity to endurance.

Finn will now face an inquiry into the matter on Wednesday July 22, 2015.

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burra man
burra man
6 years ago

Good to see grnsw banning finn and her dogs until after enquiry but disappointing to see grv let sweet it is ran at sale on sunday when she has got 2 positives to caffeine in new zealand the dog shouldnt race until after the enquiry .Looks like she is no good without the live kills mcdonald was giving her but maybe the caffeine is now replacing the live kills.