Garry Gibson Suspended For Two Months Over Morphine Positive Swab

Greyhound last week concluded an into the analyst's reports that the urine sample taken from Jimmy Jurante after that greyhound had won Race 3, the Greyhound Social Club Maiden 440m, at on 17 December 2011 had been analysed and found to contain the prohibited substance .

Evidence was taken from trainer Garry Gibson, and Drs Cawley and Suann from the Australian Racing Forensic Laboratory. Written evidence was entered from Dr Suann, and Mr D Batty, the Deputy Laboratory Director Racing Analytical Services Victoria.

Mr Gibson was found guilty of a charge under GAR 83 (2) (a) in that he presented Jimmy Jurante for the race in question other than free of a prohibited substance in that the urine sample taken from the greyhound was found to contain Morphine, an opioid analgesic.

Mr Gibson offered to Stewards that Jimmy Jurante is fed on a daily basis three slices of bread which contains poppy seeds, and surmised that the presence of Morphine was from ingestion of the poppy seeds. This theory was supported in evidence by Dr Cawley from the ARFL.

Mr Gibson was suspended for a period of two (2) months. In determining penalty, Stewards took into consideration Mr Gibson's unblemished 35 year period of registration, his personal circumstances, and not guilty plea. Penalties for breaches of this rule involving similar substances were also considered.

Under GAR 83 (4) Jimmy Jurante was disqualified from the event and the placings were amended accordingly.

Mr Gibson has lodged an appeal against the suspension and has been granted a stay of proceedings by Mr until that appeal is heard.

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