Global Tote proves its worth again, eclipses TAB for metro meets

The Global Tote

A LEVEL staking case study of GT Mid versus the TAB for Saturday night’s metro meetings has shown a nine per cent better dividend with the Topbetta product.

A $100 bet on every winner at both venues on GT Mid returned punters a cool $12,081 compared to $10,980 on a regular ‘mid tote’ derivative product.

That lined GT Mid punters’ pockets with an extra $1,101 or 9.11% on top of what they would have won by betting on the mid tote.

The table below demonstrated the returns from a $100 bet on every winner at The Meadows and Wentworth Park via GT Mid and the mid tote.

 Venue  GT Mid  Mid Tote
The Meadows  $7331 $6710
 Wentworth Park $4750 $4270
Total:  $12081 $10,980


Such a difference in returns is not an uncommon occurrence for GT Mid greyhound punters – in fact, the differential across a meeting can sometimes be 15-20% at level stake.

With totes providing the most viable option for greyhound punters to get set and make a long term profit, more and more are turning to GT Mid due to its lower take outs, higher returns and no limits on winning punters.

Global Tote bets at Topbetta

Check out the results of every race from The Meadows and Wentworth Park last Saturday night below and how the dividends on GT Mid and the mid tote compared.

The Meadows

Race GT Mid Mid Tote
1 5.10 5.1
2 10.50 7.6
3 10.30 10.30
4 1.95 1.90
5 7.28 6.70
6 1.90 1.90
7 12.10 12.10
8 2.25 2.10
9 5.29 4.40
10 6.94 5.30
11 5.00 5.0
12 4.70 4.7
Total 73.31 67.1
$100 Bet On Each Winners: $7331 $6710


Wentworth Park

Race GT Mid Mid tote
1 4.26 2.80
2 2.96 2.20
3 2.06 1.70
4 8.87 8.40
5 8.70 8.70
6 4.92 4.60
7 6.60 6.60
8 2.11 2.10
9 2.09 1.70
10 4.93 3.90
TOTAL 47.50 4.27
$100 bet on each winner: $4750 $4270

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