Greyhound Racing Stewards Continue Their Policing Of Facebook

The continuing policing of social site Facebook by greyhound racing , is again evident from notification from Greyhound Racing South Australia that they have called an to investigate comments made by Nathan “Budda” Myers on his Facebook page.

Greyhound Racing South Australia Stewards on 9th March 2011 completed an inquiry into postings on a Facebook site by Owner/ Attendant Mr. Nathan Myers. After taking into consideration evidence tendered, stewards formed the opinion there was sufficient evidence to lay a charge against Mr. Myers under Greyhound Racing 86(q) which reads:

    R86(q) Offences
    A person (including an official) shall be guilty of an offence if the person
  • (q) commits or omits to do any act or engages in conduct which is in any way detrimental or
    prejudicial to the interest, welfare, image, control or promotion of greyhound racing-

After pleading guilty to the charge Nathan Myers was fined the sum of $300 dollars by stewards.

But the question remains, that without debating the rights or wrongs of any comments made by Nathan; why do greyhound stewards spend so much time holding inquiries in to social media sites and greyhound forums?

It is now a matter of record that South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland greyhound stewards have now held inquiries in to Facebook and greyhound forum comments which resulted in convictions.

These inquiries do not seem to occur in any of the other two race codes.


Are similar comments not being on these sites and other forums by people involved in Harness or ?

Are our stewards a little too preoccupied with social media and greyhound forums?

Are Greyhound Racing Stewards and officials being just a little too precious?

I don't have the answers, but it is evident that even governments and official law enforcement agencies struggle to effectively police the internet and social media sites. I don't see why greyhound racing authorities would be any different, and doubt we as an industry can afford the massive time and costs involved in attempting too.

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