Greyhound Sales & Auctions 100% Safe

Some greyhound buyers may be concerned by an indiscriminate release from which has tarred all internet based sales sites as facilitating fraudulent greyhound sales over the internet.

You can be safe in the knowledge that Greyhound Sales uses the highest security available and the double opt-in registration and secure payment system ensures we know the identities of our sellers.

If any fraudulent greyhound sales are occurring they would be most likely to occur on free forum sites and free classifieds attached to greyhound pedigrees sites.

The mere fact that our sellers pay to publicise their sales on our site, is a major deterrent to people inclined to listing fake or misleading sales.

Greyhound Sales and Greyhound Auctions continue to set the highest standards for greyhound sales online.

Our greyhound community and forum is also available for anyone who wishes to participate in greyhound forums and discussion without fear of improper activity.

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