Greyhound Sales React To Misleading Advertising From Greyhound Racing Victoria

Australia's biggest and original online combined greyhound sales and greyhound auctions website has moved swiftly to put blatantly misleading advertising from Greyhound (GRV) in perspective.

On Thursday 30th Sepetember 2010, GRV released a statement saying that “Whilst there are other online classified models out there, eGrey Classifieds is the biggest in terms of categories, and cheapest to advertise with than all other competitors”.

“That is clearly misleading in the extreme” says our Greyhound Sales spokesperson and even from just a cursory look at the fees on the two sites, it would seem that Greyhound Racing Victoria has indeed made claims which would appear pure fantasy.

Australian Racing Greyhound did a quick comparison of the two greyhound sales websites in question and it didn't take long to see the striking differences:

  • eGrey is charging $494.00 for a full 52 week classified to run while Greyhound Sales was listing the classified for just $33.00 for the full year.
  • eGrey is charging $1,482.00 to have your classified ad given a higher profile as a ad, Greyhound Sales was charging just $16.50.

The Greyhound Sales spokesperson continued “What is most disappointing is that GRV is the body for greyhound racing in Victoria, and yet they clearly release statements which aren't just misleading, they are outright fabrications. You would expect more from a body who is charged with upholding in the industry”.

“As a consequence, we are today making it even simpler for greyhound participants to recognise the huge gap between Greyhound Sales pricing and that of GRV's eGrey…..We are now listing all our ads free”.

“From this minute all greyhound sales and greyhound auctions on our greyhound classifieds and online auction website will be running totally free of any listing charges or ongoing charges to relist” said the spokesperson from Greyhound Sales.

“We feel that it is the only proper thing to do as greyhound racing participants are being duped by their own regulatory body in to using a highly priced service through misleading marketing propaganda”.

“We will retain a hugely discounted fee of $2 for featured ads in categories and $5 for home page featured ads, so as to not inundate those sections; but all ads, classifieds and auctions can now be , viewed, accessed and bid on 100% free”.

And as for claims of the largest range of categories?

“Please just have a look. We have them more than covered!”.

A comparison of the two sites and the greyhound sales categories offered again proves eGrey lags significantly behind with just a handful of categories.

Quite disturbingly, if a Victorian greyhound participant was to make similarly deceptive claims as to those stemming from Greyhound Racing Victoria in this instance, they might well be facing a . But in this case, who polices the police?

You can access the free Greyhound Sales and Greyhound Auctions website at .

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