Greyhounds Qld Throw Mackays Greyhounds A Lifeline

have narrowly averted a public relations disaster in the wake of Dog Death Row publicity stemming from Mackay.

The publicity has been largely generated by the local club and local trainers themselves in order to cause Greyhounds Queensland maximum embarrassment over the decision to close their greyhound track.

Unfortunately, while the campaign has been effective in getting attention, none of it would convince any government to reverse the decision, and has only served to further the causes of the already active animal welfare brigade.

In fact it is highly likely the whole campaign from the Mackay supporters will put further pressure and spotlight on the plight of retired greyhounds and numbers. The end result being pressure on government to close more tracks, not keep financially struggling clubs afloat.

Current media reports have cited that Queensland's Program is inadequately resourced to cope with the current number of greyhounds hoping to gain entry, but Greyhounds Queensland had dismissed the claims.

Greyhounds Queensland have today attempted to address the poor press by announcing they have resourced 3 new volunteers for the Greyhound Adoption Program to assist with rehoming Mackay's greyhounds. The fulll media release follows :

comes today for greyhound owners in the Mackay region considering death row for their dogs, as Mackay secures three local volunteers for the Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP).

Greyhounds Queensland in conjunction with GAP sent out a call to animal lovers earlier this week asking for more assistance in attempt to cope with the recent demand in Mackay.

Demand comes from The Mackay Greyhound Racing Club deregistration taking place next month after failing to adequately respond to a show cause notice due to low greyhound racing nominations, limited registered participant rates, declining race day patronage and low turnover.

GAP coordinator Kirsty O'Brien stated she is thrilled to see there are like minded animal lovers out there.

“Our program runs in Townsville and Brisbane at present but we have been working hard to find people in Mackay who are willing to give up their time for this worthy cause,” said Ms O'Brien.

“Already we have three volunteers and hopefully we can find more!” she said.

Local resident Tianna Martin has been a Townsville GAP volunteer for two years and has recently moved to Mackay.

“I have been working as a foster carer in GAP for two years and now that I live in Mackay I am really looking forward to making a difference here,” said Ms Martin.

“We are aiming to get enough volunteers on board to ensure we can at some point assess all of the Mackay dogs that are no longer able to race.

“The dogs are such friendly and loving animals and after completing our program they really do make a great family pet,” she said.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for the GAP program or enrolling your greyhound, please make contact today. For further information, visit and

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