Greyhounds Queensland Call For Submissions On Grading Policy Changes

A review of the Queensland Grading Policy was undertaken at a meeting held on 9th January 2009. The meeting consisted of representatives of the member bodies established under the Greyhounds Queenslannd Limited (QGL) Constitution.

The included Q.G.B.O.T.A. Brisbane GRC, GRC, Glenn Stephan GRC, Marillyn Collett QLD South Region, Grading Supervisor and General Manager who chaired the meeting.

The recommendations put forward by the group were considered by the GQL Board at their January meeting and resolved that the recommendations be advertised for industry consultation.

GQL wish to stress that the recommendations are for discussion purposes and none of the recommendations have been approved.


  1. Combining of Classes 2 and 3 with class to be known as “Class 2”.
      Under the proposed “Class 2” greyhounds would be permitted to win three (3) 5th grade events before progressing to 4th grade.
      Greyhounds will still be eligible to win a maiden heat and final and Novice as currently exists.
  2. No pre-grading within the classes (No beating the grader).
      Example; a greyhound is drawn to compete in a 5th grade on Tuesday night Class3 and pre-graded in a 5th grade on Friday Class 3 and the greyhound is successful in winning both it would be penalised two (2) wins.
  3. Heats and Finals to be classed as two (2) wins (excepting maiden events).
      Example; a greyhound that wins a 5th grade heat and the final would be penalised 2 wins.
  4. Re-classification of 600m events as “Distance Events”.
      Three distance categories to be introduced as follows:

      Sprint – up to 530m

      Middle Distance – up to 650m

      Distance – 651m and over

      Greyhounds will be permitted to win one (1) 5th grade when competing in the Distance category.
  5. Compilation of Best 8 / FFA events.
      4th grade greyhounds eligible to be considered for Best of races should there insufficient 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade greyhounds at the particular meeting.
  6. 2 options for weekly TAB grading schedule.
      1. (1) Class 1 and six (6) Class 2 meetings per week.

      2. The first Monday on the month to be a Class 1 meeting with remaining Monday's Class 2.

      Option 1 Proposed Prizemoney Levels – Class 2 (6 meetings per week)

      Total $1,450
      1st $955
      2nd $270
      3rd $135
      4th $50
      UNP (Total) $40

      Total $1,175
      1st $760
      2nd $215
      3rd $110
      4th $50
      UNP (Total) $40

      Total $800
      1st $450
      2nd $160
      3rd $100
      4th $50
      UNP (Total) $40

      Option 2 – Proposed
      prizemoney Levels
      (1) Class 1 Monday
      mtg per month

      Total $1,400
      1st $920
      2nd $260
      3rd $130
      4th $50
      UNP (Total) $40

      Total $1,130
      1st $720
      2nd $210
      3rd $110
      4th $50
      UNP (Total) $40

      Total $710
      1st $360
      2nd $160
      3rd $100
      4th $50
      UNP (Total) $40

      Existing Class 1 Thursday prizemoney would remain at current levels in both options.
      Existing Class 1 Monday prizemoney would remain at current levels in option 2.

encourage owners, trainers and other interested persons to discuss the recommendations with persons who attended the meeting and to provide written submissions / comments on the recommendations.

Submissions are sought in writing on the proposed recommendations and are to be received by Friday 6 March 2009. Submissions addressed to Julie Mackenzie, Grading Assistant, P.O. Box 250 Albion QLD 4010, fax (07) 3862 4437 or [email protected]

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