GRNSW Appoint Administrators To The Gardens & NCA Operations

() today confirmed that acting under the provisions of the Greyhound Racing Act 2009 s10(2)(e) it had appointed David Lombe, Partner of Deloitte, to conduct the affairs of the Association (NCA).

The decision to appoint Mr Lombe came after the GRNSW Board determined in March that the NCA had not satisfactorily demonstrated the financial viability of the association and as such had failed to show cause as GRNSW had requested in February.

Mr Lombe’s responsibilities will be to:

  • Establish the viability of NCA’s management of greyhound racing at ;
  • Develop a business plan for the NCA that will be designed to achieve the short term and long term viability of greyhound racing at The Gardens;
  • Review the existing governance arrangements of the NCA and implement any changes to those arrangements that are deemed necessary; and
  • Review the existing management and operating model of the NCA and implement changes that are deemed necessary to support the NCA’s business plan.
The decision must be regarded as an interim measure with racing and operations to continue unaffected at The Gardens while Mr Lombe conducts the affairs of the NCA.

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