GRNSW Continues To Strive For Revenue Reform In NSW

() though disappointed at , ’s decision not to implement the in its entirety, will continue to engage with the State Government to advocate the implementation of the full recommendations of Alan Cameron’s Review, Chairman Professor AM announced.

The State Government ordered an independent and objective review of the and racing industry in NSW. Conducted by Alan Cameron AM1, the report presented a realistic and frank assessment of the industry and its challenges.

Alan Cameron provided a clear and decisive reform agenda for the Government to implement and secure the long term future of the racing industry. He called for changes that would have involved embracing a culture of promoting and rewarding innovation, growth and performance and liberalising the legislative regime in order to be competitively neutral with the rest of .

Professor Allan said “The Minister today has highlighted the need for reform and has commenced the process of modernising the NSW regulatory framework, which represents a step forward.

“However, it is disappointing that the Minister’s primary emphasis is on protecting the sport within NSW rather than restructuring it so that it can compete against other states where racing codes are handsomely rewarded for effort.

“NSW has lagged behind every other state in terms of growth over the last decade because of the current structure. The reforms announced today while a start, fall far short of what is needed to
ensure the future sustainability of the racing industry. Central to this is Inter-Code funding reform.

“To that end, we note that Kevin Greene has acknowledged Mr Cameron’s call for Inter-Code funding reform as potentially significant to future innovation and growth. That recognition is welcome.

“The current fixed percentage structure of revenue sharing between the codes does not support nor allow us to invest in improving regional infrastructure, taking TAB racing to new areas and creating jobs that would flow from such growth – something that could only be addressed by significant change to the existing Inter-Code Agreement.”

Professor Allan said the sport is committed to working with the other racing codes to establish a fairer and even distribution of funding that promotes and rewards innovation, growth and performance.

“The current arrangements encourage the protectionist and inward-looking thinking that dominates the NSW industry. This must come to an end,” Professor Allan said.

GRNSW Chief Executive said that reform of inter-code funding arrangements was central to the long term health of all three codes and the Government needs to stand ready to intervene if progress cannot be made by the codes alone.

“This is a significant public policy issue for the racing and wagering sector in NSW as continuing lack of incentive and innovation will inevitably lead to further industry declines. Such declines will impact industry stakeholders across the three codes, regional communities and NSW Government revenues.”

Hogan said that GRNSW would now pursue growth opportunities that currently exist in the market with an increased focus on promoting NSW greyhound racing to a national audience.

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