GRV Hall Of Fame Set To Launch

Greyhound (GRV) will launch its at a function to be held at Park on July 12, 2009.

In April 2008, GRV's Board decided unanimously to support the establishment of a industry Hall of Fame, to preserve its history and honour the icons of the sport.

Subsequently, steering and selection committees were to develop and finalise the project, including the coordination of research on Hall of Fame inductees.

The Hall of Fame will recognise and enshrine both the people and greyhounds that have made a most significant contribution to the Victorian greyhound industry since the commencement of non-proprietary racing in 1956. It will also recognise a small number of individuals – “The Pioneers” – who have made an outstanding contribution to the sport prior to 1956.

The 36 inductees are in three broad categories :

  • The Pioneers (8) – recognised by the selection committee as having shaped greyhound racing's early days.
  • The People (15) – includes trainers, breeders, owners, administrators and other prominent personalities.
  • The Greyhounds (13) – includes achievements on the racetrack and at stud.

GRV Board Chairman AM said: “The Hall of Fame will recognise the wonderful contribution of a number of special individuals and greyhounds to greyhound racing in Victoria, and will be an inspiration and historical record for future generations. This sport has a that the industry should be proud of.”

A committee was formed last year to consider which individuals and greyhounds would be included in this inaugural event. At the same time three of the industry's keenest historians – Neil Brown, Peter Pearson and Peter Quilty – as well as GRV's Special Projects Manager, Mark Dooley, were asked to provide information on the large number of submissions received.

“It was a tough job. But the committee gave careful consideration to each entry and a final list was drawn up. Prior to the 1950s, Victorian greyhound racing did not always keep very accurate or detailed records of many events, people or greyhounds, and the research are to be congratulated on the considerable information they have been able to unearth”, Mrs. Wilson said.

Mrs Wilson said she believed the function would be charged with interest, excitement and emotion, as some of the truly ‘greats' in our sport, past and present, are recognised.

To coincide with the Hall of Fame function, an official Victorian greyhound racing industry Hall of Fame website will also be launched on July 12.

After the initial induction, the Hall of Fame committee may elect a maximum of four inductees in any given year. All future persons and greyhounds will be inducted into the Hall of Fame at the annual Victorian Greyhound Industry Awards.

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