GRV Respond To Heat & Cancel Traralgon

The weather must be playing on the minds of those at GRV HQ as only minutes after we published our observations on their leadership with regard to greyhound racing in hot conditions, they have announced that today’s Greyhound Racing Club’s twilight race meeting has been cancelled.

Today’s Wangaratta meeting has gone ahead though with temps in the 35C’s and rising rapidly.

Below is todays press release from the GRV in regard to their or lack of it.

Seems they are taking an “all care/no reponsibility” approach to the situation with the onus placed squarely back on trainers to scratch their greyhounds rather than the GRV cancel meetings.

Greyhound (GRV) strongly recognizes various ‘Hot Weather’ policies which normally provide best for the care and of the racing greyhound during hot weather.

GRV also recognizes that individual trainers are often placed best to consider the overall conditions which may or may not suit their greyhounds in such weather.

However on this occasion, given the extended period of extreme heat, and the extreme temperature expected during the scheduled times for racing this afternoon, the meeting has been cancelled.

Whilst in this instance appropriate notice has been given, GRV has agreed to forward the normal travel payment to trainers in recognition of the difficulties experienced by trainers at this time.

Trainers are advised that other than those greyhounds with an injury stand down period at the time of official will receive their normal travel payment.

For the purposes of clarity, this means that greyhounds officially scratched due to the normal will receive normal travel payment.

will distribute the travel payment to each trainer via the normal method of direct EFT on Thursday 5th February. In respect to the Damsel’s Dash heats and Maiden heats that were to be conducted at the meeting, the Club will endeavour to reschedule these events at a later date.

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