GRV rewards its safest track with second weekly meeting

GREYHOUND Racing Victoria has introduced a second weekly race meeting at the safest track in the state.

The Healesville Greyhound Racing Club has been rewarded for its low injury record on the long, straight track – the only one of its kind in Victoria.

The first extra meeting was held today and will become a regular Friday afternoon fixture in the GRV weekly calendar. Healesville has typically only hosted one meeting a week on Sunday afternoons.

Greyhound Racing Victoria general manager of animal welfare, Dr Gavin Goble, said the second weekly meeting at Healesville was an important part of GRV’s reform and commitment to greyhound care.

“The benefits of introducing this extra meeting are numerous but all have one common theme – improving animal welfare outcomes for greyhounds,” he said.

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“In opening more racing opportunities for greyhounds of all ages and abilities, we will be looking to reduce the number of greyhounds needing to be re-homed by prolonging their window of opportunities as racing dogs.

“By keeping the opportunities open to Victorian-bred greyhounds we are emphasising our commitment to ensure the best possible life for greyhounds born in this state.”

This additional Healesville meeting will regularly be a ‘rank limit’ meeting for Victorian-bred greyhounds only.

The ‘rank limit’ will vary from time to time however will initially be restricted to greyhounds ranked 250-plus.

Past Discussion

  1. Sadly here in NSW the two major race clubs some years ago decided that straight racing was a wasted exercise and shut down straight tracks .The GBOTA decided to transfer racing from Appin to Wentworth Park  and this was proved a failure, and then we had the defunct NCA walk away from Wyong another great straight track. This is another good reason why Greyhound Racing here in NSW should  not be in the hands of idiots with  this ideology !

  2. BobWhitelaw  proves one thing Bob.

    they got it wrong.

    it is a known ,that straight racing,and remember this is how racing was performed early in the infancy of dog racing,is the safest form of racing to have.

    why cannot people who supposedly form Welfare Groups,see this? the answer is because they have small pictured minds that grey racing must only exist in its present form. meaning,even they are not looking outside the square. everyone,and I mean everyone across the entire scope of the industry,makes decisions on what shape and form dog racing is today,encompassing circle racing only. they may have a quick peek at this other form of racing called straight,but they are in a time-zone that racing can only exist in its present form. that is so ludicrous and so small minded in thinking,i ask are they,any group,really capable of taking the reins of the industry?

    even the dumb activists don’t have that answer either.alright to finger point,but come up with a better solution to the problem and make heroes of yourselves.

    straight racing is the safest form of dog racing,end of story.

    and this is one example why groups need to look more deeply into the many suggestions for its revival. or face continual attacks on welfare issues concerning injuries.

  3. spyman BobWhitelaw We only have ourselves to blame ! we allowed a minority  to dictate what is the best for greyhound racing here in nsw and its like the rspca , its about making money and then maybe animal welfare.

  4. Dominic, GRV may be onto something here.  I have said a few times that any broken hocks on a straight track is a result of a pre-existing hairline fracture from circle racing (that’s my opinion).

    The only other option with circle racing is to increase the turn radius of the track to at least 72 mtrs to reduce the extreme stresses on the legs of these animals. It’s just common sense.

    The dogs will suffer because they will not spend the money. 
    If they did spend the money, what a message to send to the animal activists

  5. BobWhitelaw  bob, I have read your comments for a fair while now,and I have to agree with you,the GBOTA and even the organised ALLIANCE group,are NOT the people to organise our future. my info is that even the government feel these are the wrong people to negotiate.that is not good news.they want a fight,not a group that agrees with everything put to them simply because they (alliance) want to keep the gates open.i feel we need a complete outsider,unattached from the dog industry,to negotiate. it was put to myself that maybe a JONES/HADLEY/LATHAM/KENIRY are the types we need.people who understand politics and legal angles,but also have a business acumen,and good contacts in the professional fields. not a lot is really happening in any negotiations,hence why there is so much silence from the Alliance Group. they are head nodders and lap dogs. wow, nasty but it appears its agree?

  6. spyman BobWhitelaw Your right we need somebody that understands the politics and the legal side of what’s needed to move forward for the industry, someone who has been successful in sport administration  and a good knowledge of the three racing codes with proven results with astute negotiation skills. I’ve said it before  he is out there , and he is in semi retirement  and he needs to be enticed to take up the challenge,  his track record speaks for itself ,TAB ,SKY Racing, Penrith Panthers, yes Warren Wilson is the man to turn the Greyhound Industry around , and from what i have been told he would love the challenge ,so Mr Baird and Mr Grant give him the call up, before we finally fall over  and you allow 300 million dollars to go the down the drain with it !. 

  7. BobWhitelaw  an Extrordinary meeting at GBOTA?

    suppose we better ask the man himself first,but you have stated he is interested in the challenge.

  8. spyman BobWhitelaw I don’t think a club with a membership  of just over a thousand or so should be deciding the future of the  industry when  the majority of participants won’t have a say in the future direction of the industry.What should happen is the Baird Government repeal the Greyhound prohibition bill and the status quo remain with a new CEO and a board and Wilson appointed as CEO. not  bureaucrats and as far as the board is concern there is enough quality people in the industry with business,veterinary, legal,animal husbandry and wagering and media expertise to do the job required and not club directors looking for another GIG who have proven to be failures in the past (look at where we are now) LOL have a look at their credentials of the current directors of the GBOTA and i believe at their last election of directors only seven hundred members voted  what’s that telling you?

  9. BobWhitelaw spyman  without a doubt BOB,without a doubt.

    easy I suppose to sit in another state and say this should be done,that should be done,etc; but past history in your states groups is not good. we had a similar situation,but ours was actually within the controlling body itself,noyt a GBOTA or similar group. people accept situations if things are doing ok,but flounder when things go wrong,and NSW it appears are now floundering as direction is so confusing. as the mighty Donald Trump has been quoting,and its a good quotation…Clean the swamp…….and aint it the truth,clean out the mud and cleanse the water.

    Orange is your key,but how do you get the change you rightfully need when the NATS are ‘slaughtered’ in that election.

    does the power of the peoples voice begin to call the shots? I hope so,but not under its past and present set up. bring in new faces and new ideas that can take this industry through these changes,and after reading the JWG report,i see theyhad the right ideas,but huge changes and huge costs. is that needed? maybe,in some instances,but other situations like tracks so close to each other,need urgent addressing.

    not far off Orange now,so I feel that change is coming sooner rather than later.hope its in the right direction.

  10. spyman BobWhitelaw Write or email to every member of the Government and state his credentials as the best person to lead the reform required to take the industry into the future. i have no doubt he is interested in the challenge and he is very well respected in the racing and sporting community .   The Orange By-Election will determine our future one way or another, we need the people of the Orange electorate to punish the government for this bad decision, and i like many others  i will be working on booths for the Shooters Fishers & Farmers, Labor, Christian Democrat Parties, who have supported the Greyhounds and  its the least we can do.

  11. BobWhitelaw spyman  whispers,or is it gales of wind,are hinting of a new face name for the industry.corners suggesting no longer named GRNSW?geez,is that what they have been debating about all this time?doubt it,as other whispers strongly hinting the structure of the NEW industry face,just may be excluding its current self-regulatory that is an interesting concept,but I think it will cause more than just angst.

    seems though a lot of inter-state involvement in structure and rules has also been on the agendas,meaning they are seeking assurances from other states that if they go down there path,it will be to the advantage of the industry of NSW?Certainly won’t kill it off,as each other state is thriving,so maybe some important lessons being learnt about structure of organisations.think many have been,including moire’,spruiked for some time that the Victorian model is worth enlightening oneself with.only for the sake of the NSW industry.

    on speaking with some who seem to get inside info,old ideas are out,new ideas will be brought in. I take that as out with the old and in with the new.and in this political hot-pot,not a bad idea as many have run their race and have now fallen over there last hurdle.

    interesting times coming,but many will be PEED off with some decisions coming out.

    wait ands see is all we can do,but LUKE FOLEYS bill attempt will have a bearing on what takes place.remove that sword,a very sharo one at that,from dangling above the people within the industry.

  12. spyman BobWhitelaw I hear you , but when you see the old faces lurking in the shadows here in nsw and disguise as our savior of the industry  I do get PEED OFF ! have a look a the Submission 519 from the Upper House Select Committee  inquiry ,this was a leader within our industry speaking on behalf of his belief that this is the way to go, why won’t he, he had so much to gain financial with the former structure of GRNSW. We can talk about Animal Welfare all day , but nothing said about the corruption that has gone on for years .You might ask why,  and i’ll tell you, it was NSW State Governments Structure that was allowed to be compromised  by those at the top of the industry not the participants .Are they going to say sorry for for their neglect ,i hardly think so,until the old is booted a name change will make no difference to the Honest participants in this state of NSW.

  13. BobWhitelaw spyman  aahhhh BOBBY,but how pathetic WAS the Government OF THE DAY IN ALLOWING SUCH BARBARIOUS CHIVALRY. AND LINING OF ONE’S POCKETS…(WHO SAID THAT????).

    new era, new structure,new BAIRD. he is the key. it is obvious he saw right through all this past histrionics(pollies are experienced and adept at seeing where pockets can be lined and by whom) and wants that changed. and it has to.

    old cronies and so called doers for the industry from the past,have had their day.that has been noted BOBBY,and if,(and it won’t) they go back to the same old same old,then start finding the bugler to play6the last post.

    seen for myself what corruption within an organisation can do. and corruption is not only monetary awards either. it can be a form of  ‘favours’ to be done or paid along the trip.

    the industry needs the GRV approach,and the BAIRD government needs to be involved.maybe not right in ya face stuff, but appoint the right people to run the joint,so to’s a proven money spiner for even the government,and they know it,but they also have to weigh things up with the climate changes and the peoples thoughts. not easy to do,but they MUST have a solid involvement and be aware of anything occurring,either way.

    yep,the death knell for some is coming and it won’t be accepted by many,so the next round will be very interesting indeed.

    ps… I hear that the challenge for McHugh report is NOT done with yet either. BUT,it,the challenge is also a tad weak because PAST HISTORIES and known facts weigh against a turnover of that as well. I mean,is ERNIE from USA the only positive we have?

  14. spyman BobWhitelaw No a positive is for Baird to sit down and pick the brains of Dr Dennis Naptine  who’s a proven a success  with the restructure  of GRV , okay some will say there were things that in their minds he never got right,So i say to those he placed Greyhound Racing in Victoria in the No 1 position in Australia ! so  if Baird want’s Greyhound Racing to have a social licence and proper governance bring  Naptine and Wilson into the game in a positive step in moving forward, they also possess great business skills, or as you said find the bugler to play 6th last post and it will be all over red rover.

  15. BobWhitelaw spyman  it’s funny,in a way,when I read all the forums and how many think the world of dog racing is at its end.

    such doom and gloom. crikey,most will jump if we say so.why do people become so pessimistic because NO news is forthwith pronto at the click of the fingers?one only needs to read GDATA to see a fine example of impatience and loss of direction. mind you,to cover my own butt,info is very slow to come forward,but geez,it was only announced a month ago that we had our racing back again.the ALLIANCE and the baird government’s reps, need time to sort through a massive mess. remember,it was a mess that got us into this mess,and that took decades to create,but most want answers in a month? damned if you do,damned if you don’t.

    McHugh report is still on the cards. it was pointed out it is not 100% accurate. we all know that,but do we really know its ALL inaccurate? very quickly, is it not better to let that sleeping dog lye?or do we need to poke it and then kick it to get it to react and bite back? no we don’t. let it rest for a while. it wont hurt us.

    the other case was being brought on by Restraint of trade actions. it is not now. so why bother chasing something that is no longer occurring(yet)?if the bill is not repealed, fair enough,but geez, think before reacting.

    and yes Bob, Denis was a marvel. but putting Baird and Napthine IN THE SAME SENTENCE,OMG. Denis WAS SUPPORTIVE BECAUSE HE HAD A LIKEING FOR SPORTS AND THE INDUSTRY.

    he also liked Victoria going ahead as most did at that time,but he did omit some measureable sections like welfare etc;but at least he placed GRV in the right position to absorb what NSW at the moment cannot.

    Alan Clayton, the new BOSS on the block, comes from far right field. disliked at first, and was told grey people and prisoners certainly are not the equal(some may debate that) but he has,with full board support and government support,doing the state better than even Napthine.

    so,if Baird just took some interest,just a smidgeon of interest,in dog racing in NSW,it would flourish. but first,you have to DRAIN HIS SWAMP of those little bugs in his ears on a daily basis who advise him(incorrectly on most occasions) in how to run the state.

    but then on the other hand,maybe he is just a silver spoon educated from KINGS SCHOOL,who is not a PREMIERS boot lace and needs these advisors to guide him in what/how to operate. that is a possibility you know. HE JUST MAYBE A PUPPET? many think Trump will be a bad president of the USA,but not if he has the right support team(there it is) to guide him and control his anxiousness,to bring the mighty USA back to its former glory days. with no wars.



    First Reading

    Bill introduced on motion by Mr Foley, read a first time and printed.

    Second Reading

    Mr LUKE FOLEY ( Auburn ) ( 10:51 ): I move:

    That this bill be now read a second time.

    The Greyhound Racing (Repeal of Ban) Bill 2016 simply seeks to give effect to the stated backdown announced by the Premier in recent weeks. It will repeal the Government’s ban on greyhound racing. As it currently stands, the law of New South Wales will ban greyhound racing as at 1 July next year. The legislation to ban greyhound racing was passed in August. It was declared urgent and the House sat until four o’clock in the morning. Imposing a ban on greyhound racing was so urgent that members of this House were kept here until four o’clock in the morning. Now the Premier says that there is no urgency about repealing the ban; it can wait until sometime next year. Why?

    This Government is trying to con us. The Premier cannot say that he wants to overturn his wrongheaded ban on greyhound racing and then say that we will not do it now and instead will wait until some undetermined time in the future. There is a con on here. The Parliament, having carried legislation for a greyhound racing ban as a matter of great urgency, ought to repeal that legislation before Parliament rises for the Christmas break. The work of this Parliament for 2016 is not done until we repeal the greyhound racing ban. That is what this bill will do. It is very simple and it is less than half a page in length. Members will be pleased to know that I have no intention of repeating my speech that took two hours and 10 minutes. Instead, I refer all members to it and I recommend that all members with insomnia read it. During the debate on the Greyhound Racing Prohibition Bill 2016, I canvassed in great detail the reasons that the greyhound racing ban is a very bad idea. I refer all members to the points I made during that speech.

    The Premier has admitted that he got it wrong. He now needs to take action in Parliament to complement his words. He needs to put his money where his mouth is and repeal this ban. The Premier should can this harsh and cruel ban this year before Parliament rises. The work of this Parliament for 2016 is not done. I do not want the people of Orange to be conned this weekend that the Government will repeal the greyhound racing ban only for Mr Baird to come back to Parliament next week and say, “Maybe it’s still an option, you know.” The Premier must repeal the ban this year and give a commitment. It was urgent to ban greyhound racing. Why is it not urgent to repeal that awful piece of law and take it off the statute books? That is what this bill will do. I commend the bill to the House.

    Debate adjou rned.

    well,its in there for reading. made a good point about Baird and his sneaky little midnight raiders,rushing there Bill thru,but very slow on the Repeal Bill. good point.

  17. Saturday in Orange people are coming from all over the state, and interstate . Its not just about the Greyhounds,bus loads of people protesting about the council amalgamation, privatisation of hospitals, and the sell off of crown land  which will effect people living in those area’s,buses  from Maitland and Wyong will be on their way Friday .SEE YAH  there  all you good people ,now that’s what you call people power !

  18. BobWhitelaw  and the ALLIANCE are making a rod for their own backs by doing a good deed and acknowledging those media personalities who were the driving force behind the ‘flip’,with nights out to thank them for what they did. and so it should.

    but, I can see why many are seething when those personalities get welcomed and thanked and maybe briefed, BEFORE the participants.

    and to be brutal,when one looks at again the past history of Old Heads putting the industry head on the chopping block,and ignoring the people again by not informing,one only has to look at who is involved.

    ignorance is one thing,arrogance is another,but it appears this is the norm within the industry of so called leaders,and always has.

    I see a revolution trying to be formed by a few to counter attack the OLD SCHOOL,and good luck to them,but do it right.the way you are showing your hand now is not the right way,and be very wary of even some of those behind this so called movement. what you see/hear about some ,just may not be what you really need to take on,and move forward.

    turmoil is a good word for what’s occurring behind both sides iron curtains.

  19. spyman BobWhitelaw  As you say with the past history these old heads that you are talking about are part of the Structure of this Alliance and have no credibility because of  their past actions you can not go to the negotiating table with  the government with dirty linen ,and the key factors we need to be open and transparent .  That’s why people are Pi**ed off with Alliance, their form has got us into this mess ITS SIMPLE, OLD SCHOOL TAKE A WALK and stop insulting our intelligence before its to late