GRV show support for the ANZACs through 2016 Red Dog Run

GREYHOUND (GRV) have announced the industry will be supporting the RSL's 2016 ANZAC appeal through the ‘Red Dog Run' which is set to be staged in the week leading up to Anzac Day.

Following along the same lines as the ‘Go The Pink Dog' campaign, the Red Dog Run will see GRV donate $250 to the RSL every time a greyhound wins while wearing the red number one stretch vest at any Victorian greyhound race between Tuesday, April 19, and Monday, April 25.

Further, all number one rugs and vests for their handlers will also carry the ANZAC Appeal logo, while RSL volunteers are set to sell Anzac Appeal badges at race meetings.

All RSL members are also set to receive free entry, a free drink and a free $5 bet at all 13 clubs across the state during the week.

GRV Chair said GRV were to show their support for Australia's servicemen and servicewomen who have given so much for their country.

“Through this campaign, we can give something back with all funds raised going to help current and former members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and their families when they need support,” he said.

“With over 260 races held during the week, the Red Dog Run has the potential to raise tens of thousands of dollars for the ANZAC Day Appeal.

“We are also encouraging all racing participants and everyone attending race meetings during the week to buy an ANZAC Appeal badge and wear with it with pride to show their support for our veteran community.

“GRV and the clubs will also be generally promoting the appeal and asking members of the greyhound racing community to volunteer to help collect funds in their regions.

“GRV and the clubs are proud to partner with the RSL for the Red Dog Run where each time a greyhound in the red No.1 box wins, so do our and those now serving with the ADF.”

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7 years ago

Wee done GRV, RQ would never be party to any thing like this, it’s too sensible.

7 years ago

Well done GRV, RQ would never be party to any thing like this, it’s too sensible.