Hammerstein Receives 9 Months For Abusing Greyhound Club Officials

In a worrying trend, another licensed person has been found guilty of abusing clubs officials. This new case comes on the back of several cases of toward and others in New South Wales, and of course Victoria's own Fiasco and the pending inquiry in to an alleged assualt at Sandown.

In this latest case, Mr G Hammerstein did not even bother attending the and was disqualified for 9 months for abusing Club Officials at Greyhound Racing Club at a trial session on the 10th Janaury 2009.

Victorian GRV Stewards on the 10th March 2009 conducted in an inquiry into the allegations of verbal abuse towards the Horsham Greyhound Racing Club officials and they heard evidence from Mr. P. Hammerstein, Mr. D. Hammerstein, and four other witnesses.

One of the co-accused, Mr. G. Hammerstein failed to appear.

After hearing the evidence, Stewards charged Mr. G. Hammerstein with breach of GAR 86 (g) in that he wilfully abused and threatened officials of the Horsham GRC on the 10th January 2009.

As Mr. G. Hammerstein failed to appear, Stewards found him guilty as charged and disqualified his license for nine (9) months and also fined him the sum of $500.

Stewards also issued Mr. P. Hammerstein with a severe reprimand regarding the incident, and found Mr. D. Hammerstein had no case to answer in relation to the matter.

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