Ipswich greyhound meeting proceeds under quarantine precautions

Industry Update

The Queensland Racing Commission (), in consultation with , has advised that the greyhound race meeting scheduled for today will continue as scheduled after several South East Queensland greyhounds have scratched from competing after falling ill.

After the discovery of an illness affecting some South East Queensland greyhounds, the decision has been made to continue the meeting after owners and trainers were earlier today advised to keep ill greyhounds home.

QRIC has urged all owners and trainers to keep unwell greyhounds at home to avoid potential infectious spread.

Commissioner Ross Barnett said veterinary staff and will take precautions to minimise the spread of the illness from greyhound to greyhound with the wearing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and vet check every competing greyhound at the Ipswich meeting.

“Any dog with an elevated temperature will be scratched from racing,” he said.

“While the races will continue, owners and trainers should be aware there is the potential they will be racing against a dog that has yet to be diagnosed with this illness.

“We cannot hide from the risk if you bring a greyhound to race today, but be assured that the Commission is doing everything it can to limit the spread of the illness.”

QRIC has expressed gratitude toward those trainers who have checked the health of their dogs today and to those who have scratched their greyhound if they suspected any illness.

“I would like to reinforce the importance of checking your dogs before they come to a race track and if they are ill, keep them home and isolated.”

Signs to look for are an elevated body temperature, vomiting and diarrhoea.

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