Its Official – Australian Racing Greyhound Is Number 1!

CEO has today confirmed what the rest of us already know – Australian Racing Greyhound is Australia's Number 1 greyhound website!

The finding is even more remarkable given most of the rival websites are run by state authorities who virtually force greyhound participants to their sites to use greyhound form tools and online nominations.

In this afternoons GRNSW release, Hogan acknowledged some of the annual growth on the GRNSW website,; had been due to the team of authors employed by GRNSW. And those authors do not come without cost to the NSW industry.

In addition to the ever increasing numbers at the Homebush headquarters, is adding to an ever burgeoning list of contributors; the most recent of these being , who formerly wrote for the the now closed website.

None of those contributing writers come free to NSW greyhound racing and the annual cost of those services could see the likes of Peter Davis, Dave Simonette, Gerard Guthrie, Ben Damon, Rob Testa and Michael Radley costing the industry in excess $50,000 – $75,000.

We'll leave it those paying for the pleasure, the NSW greyhound racing participant; to decide if they are getting value for money.

For the record Hogan stated that “123,000 individual visitors have viewed the website over the last 12 months ” acknowledging that “interactive services” such as online nominations, and the proprietary data such as greyhound form contributed greatly.

For the same period Australian Racing Greyhound recorded 275,075 unique or individual visitors, and that doesn't include visits to the greyhound network, greyhound forum, greyhound sales or greyhound sires websites.

Not bad for a genuine home grown website run by greyhound racing fans for greyhound racing fans, whose entire team of contributors work for free to provide you the reader with Australia's best greyhound racing coverage.

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