Jeffrey Hanson Disqualified For 3 Months For Multiple Offences

Greyhound Racing NSW have finalised an into trainer Mr Jeffrey Hanson failing to supply a Veterinary Certificate for the late withdrawal of the greyhound To Sunday which was engaged to compete in the meeting conducted by GRC at Dapto on Wednesday 21 March 2012 despite being directed by Steward Mr Ivan Akmacic to do so, and the subsequent comments posted by Mr Hanson on the websites Facebook and Greyhound-Data regarding GRNSW, and GRNSW staff members Mr (General Manager Racing and ) and Mr (Steward).

Evidence was taken from Mr Hanson, his partner Ms Melissa Haywood and GRNSW Steward Mr Akmacic.

The Inquiry heard that Friday To Sunday had injured itself while being prepared to travel to the Dapto meeting in question and subsequently became a late withdrawal when Mr Hanson phoned the Dapto Club on his way to the track that evening. As a result of the late withdrawal Mr Hanson was directed by telephone while in attendance at the meeting to supply GRNSW with a Veterinary Certificate in the coming days verifying the injuries sustained by the greyhound.

Mr Hanson explained to Stewards that he had attempted to have the greyhound examined by Dr Garry Carter the day after the event at Dapto but Dr Carter advised that he was unable to examine the greyhound until the Saturday. Mr Hanson failed to notify this information to Stewards and when a certificate had not been forthcoming by the close of business on Friday 23 March 2012, Mr Hynes contacted Mr Hanson and advised that an Inquiry would be opened into the matter and Mr Hanson’s licence would be suspended in accordance with GAR92 (5) until such time as an Inquiry could be convened.

Mr Hanson gave further evidence that directly as a result of the matter involving Friday To Sunday he posted comments on his personal Facebook page which he then copied to the GRNSW Facebook page. Those comments contained references to GRNSW, Mr Fanning and Mr Hynes. Mr Hanson also informed Stewards he had posted an advertisement on Greyhound-Data which made further references to GRNSW.

Mr Hanson pleaded guilty to the following three (3) charges:-

  • The first charge related to his failure to comply with the lawful order of Mr Akmacic in accordance with GAR 86 (p) whereby he had failed to supply a Veterinary Certificate to GRNSW Stewards which verified the injuries sustained by Friday To Sunday after its late withdrawal from the Dapto meeting on 21 March 2012 . He was fined $300
  • The second charge under GAR 86 (f) (i) related to Mr Hanson publishing offensive language towards Stewards Messrs Fanning and Hynes on the website Facebook. Mr Hanson was disqualified for a period of three months; and
  • The third charge under GAR 86 (f) (iii) related to Mr Hanson publishing offensive language towards the Body, namely GRNSW on the websites Facebook and Greyhound-Data. Mr Hanson was disqualified for a period of three months which was ordered to be served concurrently in accordance with the penalty issued under GAR 86 (f) (i).

In determining penalty Stewards took into account the guilty plea entered by Mr Hanson for each of the three charges, his record which included one previous offence of towards a Steward in a period of six years holding a licence, his personal circumstances, the nature of the offences and previous penalties given to other persons in relation to similar matters.

Mr Hanson was advised of his right of appeal.

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