Kevin Wright Cleared Of Breaching GAR 99


GAR 99: Effect of disqualification, suspension, warning off or being declared a defaulter

(1) A penalty imposed pursuant to these shall apply throughout the area of jurisdiction.

(2) A person who is disqualified, warned off, suspended or declared to be a defaulter shall not, during the period of the penalty-
(a) nominate a greyhound for any Event;
(b) permit a greyhound of which that person is the owner or the trainer to compete in any Event;
(c) act as an attendant at a meeting;
(d) train a greyhound for any other person;
(e) participate in a program;
(f) act as an official at a meeting;
(g) be engaged as an employee or agent by any other person in the training of greyhounds; or
(h) be a member of any committee of a club which is registered pursuant to the Rules of a Body.

(3) Unless the Controlling Body in special circumstances otherwise directs, a person who has been disqualified, warned off or declared as a defaulter is not-
(a) entitled to retain any registration certificates or greyhound identification cards held by the person and the person shall immediately to the Controlling Body all registration certificates or greyhound identification cards issued to the person; (amended – 01.01.12)
(b) permitted to transact any business affecting the registration of persons or greyhounds with the Controlling Body;
(c) to enter any enclosure or other portion of a racecourse or any lands occupied or used in connection with a racecourse during any Event, whether acting as agent or otherwise;
(d) to enter the premises of a club on a day when a meeting, qualifying trial, satisfactory trial, other trial, Event or greyhound training of any type is occurring or would reasonably be expected to occur regardless of whether the meeting, qualifying trial, satisfactory trial, other trial, Event or training is actually occurring at that time;
(e) to have any of the rights or privileges conferred by any registration pursuant to these Rules;
(f) eligible to otherwise participate in or associate with greyhound racing and any greyhound which has been nominated by the person or in the person’s name, or of which the person is wholly or partly the owner or which is proved to the satisfaction of the Controlling Body to be pursuant to the person’s care, custody or training, is prohibited from competing in any Event; and
(g) to enter or go or remain on, at any time, any place where greyhounds are trained, kept or raced.


On the 22 September 2014, conducted an into an alleged breach of GAR 99 (effect of disqualification, suspension, warning off or being declared a defaulter) by Mr Wright in that he participated or associated with greyhound racing; in that he made several phone calls and emails between 27 August 214 and 1 September 2014 to (GA) and GRV’s Member Services Department.

Stewards tabled copies of correspondence (via email) from Mr. Steve Hosking (GA), and obtained verbal evidence from Mr. Steve Hosking (GA), Mrs Kate Williams (GRV) and Mr. Kevin Wright.

Based on the evidence provided, it was established that Mr Wright had not breached GAR 99.

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